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Creating Kindergarten Memories – for Mom

28 Jul

ACK – my first child is about to start kindergarten!  I’m completely freaking out, of course.  But the good news is, he’s so excited he can hardly stand it.  He’s constantly asking me to remind him when the first day is – he can’t wait!

Besides the obvious question of what to do with myself (and my tears) on his first day of school, I’ve been brainstorming about what I can do to make the first day of kindergarten really memorable for him.  Can’t get a special outfit – his school wears uniforms.  Can’t go out for a special breakfast – his school starts really early.  I guess I can just take lots of pictures and tell him I’m so excited for him!  Hopefully just walking into his new school with me, his dad, and his sister will be memorable enough.

My aunt does this really cute – and simple – thing each year.  On the first day of school, she takes a picture of her kids standing on the front porch of their house right before they leave in the morning.  Every year it’s the same setting, same picture – but you get to see from year to year how the kids are growing.

I would also like to create a memory notebook for Kindergarten (and for every year at school).  I don’t really want to buy a pre-made one – I just like the idea of having a simple 3-ring notebook where I can store his artwork and any other special items from the school year.  A friend of mine’s son was at an amazing preschool last year.  The teachers created a notebook for each child, commemorating his or her year.  The notebooks contained pictures, drawings, questionnaires – they were adorable!  I’ve been thinking of a few things to put in my son’s notebook on the first day of school that might be interesting to look back on at the end of the year:

a hand tracing

a photo (of him, of his teacher)

favorite books, tv shows, movies

favorite color

friends’ names

3 things he wants to learn during the school year


handwriting sample

Any other suggestions?  Yes, I realize that this is mostly about creating memories for ME.  But I can’t help it – my brain is getting slower and my kids are growing faster!


52 FEATS – NUMBER 19 (Reflecting)

16 May

For the original 52 FEATS blog entry, click here.

UPDATE – DAY 7 (Sunday):

A little reflection is a wonderful thing.  Just having the opportunity to think about things – what you want, how you want to live, what kind of person you want to be – can help propel you forward.

I realized that I had strayed from some of the things I wanted to do this year, some of the habits I wanted to change.  Taking the time to remind myself was just what I needed.  For example, I had really fallen off the wagon with the Checking Messages Feat.  I had gotten right back into the habit of checking my phone obsessively every time I had a spare second.

I’m doing better about saying hello to people, exercising, and looking good.  I had a caffeine bender this weekend, but today I’m getting that out of my system.  I definitely don’t yell as much, and I think I’ve been good about showing appreciation to my husband.  I haven’t meditated very often, but this week of reflection almost felt like meditation.

Some things haven’t worked.  I’m not going to watch the news, and I discovered that my knees really can’t take running, but at least I gave each of those things a try.

I’m going to print out my Feats and tape them to my bathroom mirror as a daily reminder of the better person I want to be!

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