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Adventures in Toilet Training – Part Two

29 Sep

Read Part One of Lori’s toilet training process by clicking here.

This week my baby is fifteen months old!  He definitely prefers the “regular” potty to the “training” or baby potty.  I went ahead and put the training potty in the back of my car for future emergencies.

This week I’ve been putting him in Pull Ups during the day.  I’m taking it slower with him, because everyone has told me it will be more difficult to train a boy.  I’m on the no-pressure plan.  I put him on the potty every morning after he wakes up and before he gets dressed.  I put him on the potty several times during the day, either when he tells me he needs to go (by signing “pee” or “poop”), or I can visually read his cues (like when he’s grunting in a squat, I know he’s pooping).  I also put him on the potty every night before bed.

I feel successful at this point if he uses the potty at least once a day.  He usually exceeds my expectations.  He only communicates his need to use the potty about half of the time he actually goes, but he’s been using the potty on average about twice daily.

He loves getting the positive encouragement when he goes.  He is eager to go tell everyone, and when anyone mentions it to him, he grins from ear to ear!  I’ve been talking to him a lot about what it feels like to be “dry” and “clean” as opposed to “wet” and “dirty”.  Whenever he poops in his Pull Up, I physically dump the poop from the Pull Up into the potty and show him, “This is where the poop goes!”  He then helps me flush it down and wave goodbye.

He doesn’t seem to need much incentive other than verbal praise.  He loves the toilet paper, to the point of obsession, so when he does go potty in the toilet, I give him a square of toilet paper which he then joyously shreds to tiny pieces.

Soon, I’m planning on doing the hard core training.  Stay tuned!

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