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52 FEATS – NUMBER 25 (Playing)

20 Jun

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A friend of mine told me a cute story recently, about playing Kung Fu Panda with her kids.  She wasn’t playing the movie, she was playing, pretending to be characters with her kids and acting out stories.  This is such simple thing, so important for kids to exercise their imaginations, and yet I admit, I do it very seldom.  That type of play just wears me out.  I’m much more the “let’s read a book!” variety when I sit down with my kids.

I often feel so overwhelmed with everything I have to do – entertain/educate the kids, cook, clean, do laundry, blog, work, and occasionally try to do something for myself, like reading a book with no pictures.  I find myself frequently saying no to my kids when they ask me to play with them, telling them I’ll do it later, when I finish the dishes, after I get some work done, once I’ve folded the laundry, etc.  Those are such valuable moments I’m wasting!

This is the week of playing.  It’s the week of getting down on the floor with my kids, acting out whatever they want, playing whatever game they want to play, even if we’ve done it a dozen times already or if the kitchen sink is overflowing with dirty dishes.  I stay at home with my kids for a reason, and it’s not just to keep them breathing.  I want to connect with them, and have fun in the process.

My son will be starting kindergarten in the fall.  If this last summer before school isn’t precious time, then I don’t know what is!  I don’t intend to waste a moment of it.


Story Time at The Yoga Project

28 Mar

Every Wednesday at 12:00, come to The Yoga Project in Arlington for a FREE Kids’ Story Time!  Story times will alternate between the north location (2745 North Collins Street, Suite 109) and the south location (7807 South Cooper Street, Suite 107) – south location on Wednesday, March 30, north location on Wednesday, April 6, etc.

All pre-school age kiddos and their grown-ups are welcome for the FREE story time yoga class.  This is no regular story time … with a new theme every week, we use our imaginations and and playful minds to journey through stories.  In addition to story time, we do a little yoga, dancing, and playing.

For more information, check out www.theyogaproject.net.

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