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27 Feb

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DAY 7 (Sunday):

Well, my week of giving extra love to my husband has drawn to a close.  I don’t know if he noticed a difference, but I did.  I found that trying to be especially loving made me more patient and understanding.  I frequently stopped when I was about to say something snarky, and put myself in his shoes.  I was always trying to see his side of things, and give to him as much as he gives to me.

Patience is something I struggle with, and it struck me as interesting how closely it was tied to love in this week’s Feat.  I hadn’t realized that one is really an expression of the other.

I drove by a church yesterday, and the sign out front had a message about “fervently” loving one another.  Awesome!  What’s the point in loving half-heartedly?  You might as well give it your all – it certainly won’t hurt anything, and will likely make life more beautiful in the process.

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