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52 FEATS – NUMBER 17 (Running)

1 May

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UPDATE – DAY 7 (Sunday):

Well, after my last update I had pretty much given up on running.  After listening to several people’s horror stories about joint pain, knee injuries, and surgery (!) due to running, I was ready to throw in the towel.  (I have a family member who works for an orthopedic surgeon.  Her advice about running:  Just DON’T do it.)

Tonight I was going to write my post saying that for the safety of my knees (yes, they really do hurt during and after a run) and my overall well-being, I am not going to pursue this Feat.  It’s out of my hands, right?

But then a facebook friend of mine posted a very intriguing link to something called the Joggermom Marathon, which starts today.  Before you think I’m a total glutton for punishment, let me explain.  This is a special kind of “marathon” in which you run the 26.2 miles over the course of a month.  You have to track your time, dates, and mileage on a spreadsheet, and provide photographic proof of your distance on some sort of electronic GPS device.  You have until the end of May to complete the “marathon.”  Then you’re entered into a drawing to win some sweet prizes.  Cool, huh?

While I still think running sucks – no, really SUCKS – I feel suddenly supercharged by this opportunity.  I can run a little bit at a time (doesn’t have to be a 5K all at once).  I’m sure I can cover 26.2 miles in a month’s time.  Should be no problem!

So even though this differs from my initial running objective, I’m feeling good about my new goal.  I’m glad I found out about this event before I gave up altogether.

Wish me (and my knees) good luck!!

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