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Quotes about Moms

9 Apr

For the life of me I can’t remember where I got these great quotes about mothers!  As soon as I recall the source I’ll let you know.  If you’re a mom, or have a mom, or have ever met a mom, you’ll love these!  My personal faves are the hilarious #10, 15, and 59, while number 20 made me choke back tears…

  1. There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one ~ Jill Churchill
  2. Mothers are all slightly insane. ~ J.D. Salinger
  3. My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. ~ George Washington
  4. Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~ Elizabeth Stone
  5. The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness. ~ Honoré de Balzac
  6. There was never a great man who had not a great mother. ~ Olive Schreiner
  7. In the man whose childhood has known caresses, there is always a fiber of memory that can be touched to gentle issues. ~ George Eliot
  8. Mothers have as powerful an influence over the welfare of future generations as all other earthly causes combined. ~ John S C Abbott
  9. There is no influence so powerful as that of the mother. ~ Sarah Josepha Hale Continue reading

Warrior Mother Alert!

12 Jul

A few weeks ago, I came across this statement by Bob Mayer on the Writer’s Digest website:

“We build our greatest defenses around our greatest weaknesses in all aspects of our lives, and that includes writing.”

Did that ever speak to me!

I think about my life in its entirety: wife, daughter, mom, writer, friend, Christian, homeowner, Texan.  What do I encircle with my strongest personal weaponry—vigilance, time, intentional action, even worry?

My kids!

Are they then my greatest weaknesses?

In matters of the heart, undoubtedly.  They’re the only two people on the planet for whom I’d sacrifice my life.  Like King Asa in the Bible, I pray without ceasing for them, hoping to fortify them on their daily journeys.  As a practical matter, I’m certain I hover.  The expansive love I have for them knows no limits.

So, yes. Paige and Chip are my big weaknesses. On their behalf, I plumb the depths of my psyche to find my greatest strength.

I’d wager most moms could say the same.

Mothers Helping Mothers – UPDATE!

10 May

Despite the fact that I was so late in organizing this project, I’m pleased to say that we ended up with a great haul for SaveHaven!  My kids and I delivered the donations on Friday.  We filled up two huge carts with clothes, toiletries, candy, toys, books, and more!  My kids also picked out some special Mother’s Day balloons for the ladies there.

My deepest thanks go out to everyone who contributed.  We’ll definitely be doing this again next year – even bigger and better!


Calling all Moms!!

This Mother’s Day, I want to rally all you ladies to help me with a special project.  I’m going to collect donations for SafeHaven of Tarrant County, the women’s shelter.

I’ll spare you the long version of why I want to do this – in a nutshell, I feel lucky with the life I have and I want to help other moms.  The thought of being in a shelter with my kids is devastating, and being stuck there on Mother’s Day would most likely rule out any chance for celebration.  But with the help of donations (from caring people like us!), the shelter can give some small, special treats to the moms who are staying there.

Items on their Mother’s Day wish list include flip-flops, colorful socks, chapstick or lip balm, makeup, nail files, gum or candy, and body wash or lotion.

Their immediate needs also include women’s clothes and pajamas (can be used), kids’ toys (can be used), baby bottles, sippy cups, formula, and diapers.

I’ll deliver the items to the shelter next Friday, May 6.  Please contact me at jen@morethanmothers.com and I’ll be happy to pick up any items you’d like to donate.

Thank you to everyone who can help me with this!  Together, we can spread our good fortune and brighten the Mother’s Day of other moms who are facing a personal crisis.

Continuing Education

29 Mar

Whether intentional or not, most moms I know seek out some sort of continuing ed.  Reading parenting books and blogs; posing pointed questions to a pediatrician and researching topics; and a good heart-to-heart with a fellow mother all count to my way of thinking.  Even careful observation in the grocery store—scrutinizing the methods a fellow mom uses to corral a trio of toddlers with enviable ease—can yield useful nuggets.  I’m the first to admit I borrow “best practices” from everywhere where I can, adapting them to my own maternal repertoire.

On Saturday, April 9, Jen and I are participating in a more formalized type of training at the Project Mom summit in Fort Worth.  The day-long conference includes motivational speakers, in-depth break-out sessions on everything from children’s health to growing confident kids to talking about the birds and the bees with your offspring (gasp—I’ve signed up for that one!).

Go to www.projmom.com for the scoop. Hope to see you there!

Colic & Chiropractic

10 Nov

My heart goes out to any parent who has experienced a baby with colic.  Colic is one of those mysterious diagnoses that you hear about with relative frequency but think “that would never happen to me.”

Baby #3, it happened to me!  I experienced a completely unmedicated, natural birth the third time around.  I brought home a healthy, happy, 8-pound baby boy!  He was a joy; started smiling at the normal time, showing his dimpled cheeks!  He was a doll, and we were all in love.

At around 1 month of age, something went completely wrong.  Every single night from anywhere between 6pm and 2am, our beautiful, healthy baby would fuss and cry for no apparent reason.  He would refuse the breast, arch his back, and was unable to be consoled.  No matter what we tried, he was not happy.  And neither were we.

I talked with other mothers, from previous generations, and tried what worked for them: long drives in the car, all different kinds of swaddles, putting the bouncy seat on the drier, wrapping the baby in a warm towel, and the gentle movement of the swing.  We tried holding him all different ways.  Some nights wearing him worked.  Other nights it didn’t.  We tried over-the-counter treatments that promised positive results, but again, none of them worked.  My husband and I were exhausted.  I was starting to feel depressed.  After all, isn’t a mother supposed to know how to comfort her baby?  When I couldn’t, I felt like a terrible mother.

One day I was expressing my frustration to my cousin Molly, who happens to be a chiropractor.  She matter-of-factly told me, “He needs an adjustment.”  Now, I had never been to a chiropractor myself before, and I had a visual of a man gripping my baby, twisting his neck until it popped, and that freaked me out!  Molly reassured me, and suggested I ask around to find one who frequently works with children.

I got a referral to Lifetime Family Wellness Center from a good friend of mine, and scheduled an appointment that day.  At this point, I was desperate and would have tried just about anything!  I’m sure when Dr. Haggerton first saw me, he was looking at a raccoon-eyed, wily-haired, crazy lady who literally hadn’t slept in weeks.  He was GREAT though!  He took a lot of time to explain everything.  He had me start with a food log.

The food log indicated the baby might have an aversion to dairy.  Once I cut out the dairy, the baby was fine.  It was a miracle.  And I am forever grateful to Dr. Haggerton!  Dr. Haggerton adjusted the baby several times through the course of about two months.  He talked to me about nutrition and I added several supplements, including a probiotic.  In addition to the acupressure-like adjustments, he used a laser light beam on the baby’s belly (and also on his gums for teething).  After about 4-5 appointments, we were all doing much better and the baby was sleeping through the night!  Gone are the sleepless nights of pacing the floor with a crying, fussy baby!

To learn more about how chiropractic can help your family, Lifetime Family Wellness Center or Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton, visit his website at www.family-wellness.com.

Tricks & Treats of Breastfeeding

20 Oct

This is a favorite topic for October breastfeeding meetings.  The following tricks and treats are especially helpful to new moms!

Treat: Getting the maximum amount of sleep possible while still meeting your baby’s needs at night.

Trick: Keeping your baby as close to you as possible at night, perhaps even co-sleeping.

Treat: Being able to breastfeed in public comfortably and discreetly.

Trick: Having a wardrobe of clothes that can be easily lifted from the bottom to nurse, or special nursing clothes with hidden openings.

Treat: Being confident about how much milk your baby is getting.

Trick: Counting wet diapers (at least 6 to 8 in a 24 hour period) and baby’s bowel movements (at least 1 to 2 daily in the early weeks).

Treat: Avoiding nipple soreness or pain.

Trick: Making sure your baby is latched on properly, breaking suction to correct latch if necessary; making sure your baby opens wide enough so that your nipple reaches the rear of his/her mouth; making sure your baby’s tongue is below the nipple and forward in his/her mouth when he/she latches on; and ensure your baby’s chin is touching the breast.

Treat: Avoiding the discomforts of engorgement.

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