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52 FEATS – NUMBER 14 (Being on Time)

10 Apr

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DAY 7 (Sunday):

This week wasn’t too bad, but it’s something I clearly need to work on – one week isn’t going to completely change me on this one.  On Thursday morning, my one early day in the week, I’m usually running out the door in a panic at 8:30 am.  This week, I was shooting for 8:15.  I didn’t quite make it, but I did make progress.  My kids and I sauntered casually out of the house at 8:20.  Not exactly my goal, but I made it a long way.  Earlier than usual, and not racing like a maniac.

I did a good job on Saturday, though.  I attended the Project Mom conference in Fort Worth, and a friend was picking me up at 7:30 am.  That’s really early for me!  I woke up before dawn to shower and make myself presentable.  I was ready to walk out the door – purse already in hand – when my friend pulled up.  Woohoo!

Today, I was going to a cooking class (which was so much fun!), and of course, I didn’t want to be late for that.  Unfortunately, once again I was waiting for my husband to get home before I could leave.  He’s not usually a late person, but for the second time this week he was running late, which made me late!  I was disappointed, but once again, it was beyond my control.

But that brings me to an important point: there are usually so many things beyond my control.  How many times have I been ready to walk out the door and one of the kids needs to use the bathroom, or spills something, or has a meltdown?  Or I realize I’ve left my phone in the house, or forgot to let the dogs back ins?  I’m pretty organized, but those things catch me by surprise all the time.  It’s just life, and crazy things happen when you least expect them.  How to plan for that?  I’m not sure, but the first thing that pops into my head is that I need an extra hour in my day.  That 25th hour is the answer to all my problems, I just know it.

My husband also thinks that I may have a hard time knowing how much time has passed without looking at a clock.  Recently I went outside to do some yardwork, and came back in after what I thought was only a few minutes.  Turns out, a LOT more time had passed.  Maybe my internal clock just doesn’t work well – but I don’t think that’s a good excuse for being late.  I just need to keep working on this one until I get better at it!

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