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52 FEATS – NUMBER 36 (Doing Yoga)

11 Sep

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This week was a total bust.  I started off strong, doing hot power yoga Monday morning and Tuesday morning.  On Tuesday night I was really tired, but I just chalked it up to my aching muscles and extra exercise.

Wednesday morning I woke up with a nasty, full-blown, knock-me-on-my-butt cold.  My daughter had it, too.  She and I spent 3 bleary days on the couch watching TV.  I could barely stand.  Or breathe through my nose – an important component of yoga breathing, and just generally not feeling like crap.

But I’m not giving up on this one – I’m trying again.  Unfortunately, my schedule is much more hectic this week and I have a sick kid (my son’s got it now!), so I won’t be able to make it to the yoga studio 5 times.  BUT that won’t stop me from practicing at home.  I recently found a podcast done by one of the owners of The Yoga Project, Stacy Dockins.  (You can find it by searching LiveLoveTeach on iTunes.)  I can do the practice I enjoy so much, right in the comfort of my own home.  It won’t be quite as good as being in the warm studio, but it will have to do.

I’m still going to do another Feat for Number 37 (gotta get all 52 in this year!), but I’ll combine it with Super Yoga Week.  Looking forward to it!


I’ve always enjoyed yoga.  Over the last couple years, I’ve taken my practice to a much deeper level by getting into “hot” yoga – energetic, athletic, flowing yoga in a heated room.  I’ve done it so much that I don’t think I could ever go back to “cold” yoga.  I thoroughly enjoy feeling the heat as it gets into my muscles, allowing me to deepen my poses, occasionally taking them to places I didn’t think possible.

Yesterday morning, on National Free Yoga Day, I attended a free yoga class at Velociti Fitness in Arlington.  Instructor Beth Culler offered just the right combination of challenge and insight.  At one point, I remember her making a comment about striking just the right balance between work and ease.  I left feeling envigorated, empowered, and enthusiastic.

Lori, my dear friend and fellow More than Mothers blogger, has been told that 3 days of yoga a week will change your body, and 5 days a week will change your life.  I know that the life change won’t happen over the course of just one week, but I’m going to aim for those 5 days this week anyway to see what happens.

I’ll be going to The Yoga Project, my favorite Power Vinyasa yoga studio.  In a couple days, I’ll probably be so sore I won’t even be able to hold a pencil, but I’m going to keep at it and give it my all.



A Hot, Sweaty, Stinky Mess: Or How Power Yoga Saved My Summer

9 Aug

I was afraid—very afraid—of my first Vinyasa (or “flow”) yoga class I took earlier this summer.  Exercising in a 95-degree room with a bunch of women who could easily headline a Cirque du Soleil production made me woozy…and that was from my car!

But one of my goals for the summer was to increase my flexibility, and I knew doing a few stretches at home wasn’t cutting it.  So I bought a pass for 10 classes at Velociti Fitness League, squeezed into my tightest Lycra top and landed on my mat, as my instructor Beth would say.

The class was packed with chicks sporting Madonna arms and washboard abs.  No chitchat before we got down to business, which suits me fine.  (I tend to get very quiet in new or scary situations, and this qualified as both!)

Beth Culler, who owns Velociti, is that rare kind of teacher who can challenge her top students and help her strugglers (i.e. me) modify the moves with a block. She is equal parts Zen goddess, cheerleader and therapist—and she knows her stuff.  The last regular exercise classes I’d taken were a yoga/Pilates hybrid where the teacher did the moves on a mat at the front of class.  Beth, on the other hand, wanders around the room, guiding her students through the sequences and correcting poses.  If that sounds worrisome, it’s not.  She meets you where you are in order to lead you forward.

I’m sure I’ve never sweated so much as I have during these classes.  I learned what I like—squats, chair pose, warrior, tree—and what I aspire to conquer (crow, pigeon, wheel, a headstand would be fun).  I appreciate the emphasis on breathing and the essential nature of connecting your breath to your poses.  I love that my mind focuses entirely on the present moment when I’m pushing so hard.  I also really appreciate the fact that power yoga is the first thing I’ve done in a long time that I’m not good at but still really like.

I intend to keep going to 2-3 classes a week this fall. Who knows? By Thanksgiving, I might just have a pretty decent standing split by then!


Metro Health Kick 2011 at Southlake Central Market

14 Jan

From www.centralmarket.com:

Central Market Southlake presents … Metro Health Kick 2011!  The event will start outside near the cafe entrance and wind through the cafe out to the patio. A free family event with interactive educational activities for children to learn about the importance of nutrition.  Join us for fun fitness challenges from Metro Moms Fitness, prize giveaways, and more!

We will also be offering FREE Chiropractic screenings for kids by Family Wellness Chiropractic and FREE chair massages.

For more information, contact Ren Knight at Southlake Central market at 817-310-5686 or by e-mail at knight.renata@heb.com.

Event runs from 2-4 pm.

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