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Loser Gets Mom

30 Mar

The following is an actual conversation that recently took place in my car.  Names have NOT been changed to protect the guilty:

Me to Son:

So if you want, you can take soccer on Saturday mornings while your sister is at dance class.  I can take one of you and Dad can take the other.


I want Dad to take me!


I want Dad to take me!

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A New Perspective

16 Sep

“Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to shift us out of the bad habits that keep us from being our best selves.”

I read that quote over the weekend, and it really got my attention.

Do you remember the movie “Dead Poets Society” with Robin Williams?  There was a scene in which he asked his students to stand up on top of a desk, for the sole purpose of looking at their surroundings from a different angle.  Like the quote, it was about getting a new perspective.  Well, I definitely feel like I’m standing on top of the desk in my own life right now.

As you may have read in my blog last week, my husband just had hip surgery, and he’s basically bedridden for a while.  I’ve been both mom and dad for several days now, and though I’m exhausted, I’ve had moments of real clarity about my life and my abilities.

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My Husband

9 Sep

I’m sitting here, right now as I type this, getting a pedicure at a fancy spa.  Someone brought me a drink and is scrubbing my scaly heels while I type on my coveted iPad.  There are no kids calling my name, no arguments to settle, no one asking me for ANYTHING.  Even the nail tech has gotten the picture that I just want to be left alone. Charmed life, huh?

And like so many other things in my life, this hour of luxury is courtesy of my wonderful husband.

No, I’m not bragging – just ask any of my friends.  They’ll eagerly tell you how wonderful he is!  Every time we get together for a girl’s night out, the subject of my husband inevitably comes up.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they’d side with him if he and I got in a fight.  He’s that awesome.

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