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Post-Stress Back-to-School Syndrome

23 Aug

You’d think I would be turning cartwheels right now.  For the first time in six years, I have two children in full-time school.  My 15-year-old daughter with autism started her sophomore year on Monday.  My Kindergartner son had his first day last week.  Both my offspring are out of my hands nearly eight hours a day.  And I like where they’re spending that time.  I worked to find good classrooms for them, devoting significant research and networking to the task.  I know my children are safe in the care of talented teachers.  Each is poised to thrive this year in their respective situations.  So why am I not singing for joy like a character on “Glee”?

Because I am suffering Post-Stress Back-to-School Syndrome!

All that work, planning, assembling of school supplies, purchasing of uniforms, reading of paperwork, discussing expectations, signing of forms…it all took a toll on my nervous system and psyche.  The goodbyes were no picnic either, though both kids seemed genuinely happy to head off on their respective educational adventures.

My task now is to do more than merely fill those hours.  I need to readjust my mindset so I can get as much out of their time at school as they do.

But first I hope to take one big, long breath.  I know I need to heal from this “break up” of sorts as my kids go their way—and I try to find mine.


The Parenting Center

19 Jan

The Parenting Center offers classes around the metroplex on topics such as positive discipline, controlling anger, and how to handle parenting issues from preschool to the teen years.

They also offer a free parenting advice hotline from 12-3 pm Monday through Friday.  Call 817/332-6399.

For a complete schedule of classes and more information about The Parenting Center, click here.

Nature Walk at River Legacy

6 Jan

River Legacy Living Science Center in Arlington is offering a nature walk on Saturday, January 8, beginning at 2 pm.  A naturalist from the science center will lead the walk through the nature trails surrounding the science center.  Call 817/860-6752 to RSVP.

River Legacy also offers classes for kids and adults.  For more information, click here.

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