Author Bios


Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom and part-time freelance writer with two young children.  She continually strives to keep up with her wonderfully energetic husband, create new educational adventures for her kids, and stay organized while doing it all.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, practicing yoga, trying out new recipes, and learning about ancient Egypt.  She is passionate about ending hunger in her community, and holds an annual Halloween Food Drive to benefit local area food banks.  Three words she uses to describe herself are: loyal, hardworking, and sensitive.

Jennifer has written for various magazines, including FortWorthChild and 360 West Weddings.

She can be reached at


Lisa tells stories for a living.  She writes for various magazines and newspapers, including The Dallas Morning News and Better Homes & Gardens.  In 2003, Lisa published her first book, The Cool Chick’s Guide to Baseball.  Lisa lives in the suburbs with her husband, two kids (one teenager and one preschooler), and one high-strung Shiba Inu.  Her guilty pleasures include “Mad Men,” Facebook, and the ongoing search for the perfect red velvet cupcake.  Three words she uses to describe herself are: ambitious, restless, and loving.

She can be reached at


Lori is a stay-at-home mom who also works part time (from home).  She lives in suburbia with her husband and her three young children – a kindergartner, a preschooler, and an infant.  Lori began her career working with abused & neglected children ten years ago.  Today, she continues to be called to this work.  She is a breastfeeding advocate and spends her free time volunteering for an international breastfeeding support organization.  She is also passionate about suicide prevention.  Her hobbies include reading, baking, writing, and practicing yoga.  Her personal mantra is “People before things.”  Three words she uses to describe herself are: caring, passionate, and detail-oriented.

She can be reached at

3 Responses to “Author Bios”

  1. Michal Tincup October 9, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

    Jen, Lisa and Lori:
    This is an AWESOME blog! Jen, thank you so much for telling me about it..Ya’ll are amazing women!!! Keep it up! Michal.

  2. Christine November 11, 2010 at 5:12 pm #

    Hi! The pig in the rice krispies tab made me spit my coffee! Just sending love for the site!

  3. Breeanna April 8, 2012 at 5:16 am #

    How did I miss this? I love it. Thanks for sharing!

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