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Loser Gets Mom

30 Mar

The following is an actual conversation that recently took place in my car.  Names have NOT been changed to protect the guilty:

Me to Son:

So if you want, you can take soccer on Saturday mornings while your sister is at dance class.  I can take one of you and Dad can take the other.


I want Dad to take me!


I want Dad to take me!

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It’s About Time!

30 Mar

After a brief but energizing hiatus, More than Mothers is back!!  We’ve missed bringing you personal stories, parenting gripes, and great ideas for family-friendly fun.

In the (hopefully) near future, we’ll be revamping our website to make it easier to navigate and access our content.

In the meantime, follow Jen on twitter (@morethanmothers).  She’ll be tweeting about cool things, annoying things, funny things, and generally anything she doesn’t have time to blog about.

You can also check out our pinterest boards at  They’re chock-full of great ideas for kids’ crafts, games, and organizational tips – with a few grown-up touches thrown in now and then.

It’s great to be back!!

Jen, Lori, & Lisa

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