Adventures in Toilet Training – Part Three

5 Oct

Click here for Part One.  Click here for Part Two.

The “hard core” training I mentioned in the last post came right at the right time!  I woke up to a literal shit storm.  I’d put him in a Pull-Up the night before and when I went to get him in the morning, there was poop everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.  It was in his hair, under his finger and toe nails, it was all over his sheets, his blanket, and his beloved Bevo.  He’d smeared it all over his crib, on the wall, and you could even see where he had attempted to reach the light switch at one point!

To keep myself from crying, I did the only thing I could: laugh.  I laughed a maniacal laugh then went straight to work giving him a bath and helping my wonderful husband clean up the poo fiasco!  After that experience, I became even more determined that it was time to train.  Seriously.  I am DONE with diapers!

Although it was a bit rough going at times, there was a reason behind my madness!  I started putting my son in the really absorbent Gerber cotton underwear.  I don’t even bother with shorts or “bottoms” at this point, because he is still having breakthrough accidents from time to time.  I do put him in plastic pant/covers (over the underwear) when we go out in public, just to avoid the embarrassment of any leakage spilling out.

I started by giving him lots of water to drink and taking him to potty every five minutes.  We eventually progressed from that to fifteen to now about between thirty and forty-five minutes!  There are times when he goes right away, and there are times when he doesn’t have to go.  When he doesn’t go right away and I can tell he probably doesn’t need to go, I just let him down and we try again in another 10 minutes.  I am literally setting my watch.  It’s mind numbing in the beginning and our life has centered around this training process, but I know it will be worth every minute of it once he’s full trained and I can kiss those diapers goodbye forever….well until I need them myself!

I have noticed a few differences between potty training the girls and now a boy.  He does not mind at all having wet underwear; the girls wanted to be changed immediately.  He also doesn’t want to have to stop playing, so I have to have really interesting and exciting books in the bathroom!  He is also taking longer to catch on.  It’s been about three weeks since I started training him, and while he’s progressing, it’s been slower than I remember the girls going.

At this point, he’s able to communicate some of the time that he needs to go to the potty.  He is fully poop trained (meaning he hasn’t had any accidents in his underwear).  He’s only having one accident a day on average!  I went from having to wash underwear daily to now washing every few days!  Success at last!!!


One Response to “Adventures in Toilet Training – Part Three”

  1. eliminationcommunication October 5, 2011 at 3:17 pm #

    One foot in front of the other! He’s making tremendous progress.

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