Saving Money

14 Sep

In today’s economy, the single income family has to come up with creative ways for stretching a dollar and bringing in more income.

One of the ways I’ve tried to bring in income is through reselling used baby clothes and gear.  I’ve tried a few times to sell stuff on Craig’s List and have not been satisfied for a number of reasons (people try to rip you off, not really knowing/trusting people you are meeting, people trying to illegally trade food stamps for merchandise, people not wanting what you’re selling or realizing the value, and finally, it bothered my mom that I was doing it!)  So, I’m trying the Just Between Friends sale this year.  JBF is a HUGE consignment sale and you can actually get what you’re asking for resale items (most of the time).

I’ve shopped the sale before, but never consigned.  It’s taken a lot of preparation (weeks in fact) and the kids helped to do a bit of it!  The picture shows everything I’m planning on selling at the sale next weekend.  If I’m successful in this, it should yield us a few hundred dollars.  I’m also planning on volunteering at the sale for a 4 hour shift during drop off (I’ll be a show inspector).  That way, I earn the privilege of getting to shop early (before the public).

I’ve also decided to return to my job as a contract home study writer for the same foster/adoption agency I had been working for.  That will give us a little extra spending money as well.

I’ve returned to clipping coupons.  This morning, I saved $50 on our grocery bill.  Every single penny helps us in that area!  I’ve also started using my rewards card to purchase gas from the same store.  Last week, with my rewards card, I only paid $2.77 for gas!!!  We cut out all of our unnecessary expenses. We are not buying any new clothes for the kids or the grown ups.  I found a really cute dress at Goodwill which I even wore on a date!  My husband was shocked I only paid $3 for it!!

“This too shall pass”.  I know this is true, and by no means are we struggling like many others across the States currently.  We are just doing what we can to not be wasteful, to recycle wherever possible and save for our future and the future of our family.

What are some ways in which you are saving money during the recession?


4 Responses to “Saving Money”

  1. Lisa September 15, 2011 at 3:20 pm #


    We do “meatless Mondays” where I cook a vegetarian meal, which tend to be less expensive. I’ve also made a real effort to drive the speed limit on the highway, thereby increasing my fuel efficiency. My biggest nod to savings: I’ve drastically reduced the number of books I buy. I even attended a workshop hosted by the Arlington Public Library system on how to download e-books from the library onto your iPad. It’s so cool! I’d dump Satellite TV (which is shockingly expensive) but no way would my ESPN-loving husband agree to that!

    • Diedra September 15, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

      Lisa- On the satellite, we end up dumping the movie channels. It helped lower our bill. We barely use them now. My BIG thing is growing certain foods that I know I will cook with. I have no clue on how much I save there. But its also so much fun for the whole family. My kids love going out there helping to pick stuff.

  2. Pam September 23, 2011 at 7:11 pm #

    I did the JBF sale in the Spring and I could not get my act together for the fall sale but I made $350 that was just sitting in my house! I learned that it was def worth doing but it takes A LOT of time – and that if you are not going to volunteer enough to get a presale pass that it is not worth it to volunteer (sorry but true – my time is worth more). I wish I could get rid of TV I think most everything can be watched on the internet now – but I can’t convince my hubby of that. 🙂 I also coupon and save about 60% on my grocery bill – now if I would just meal plan – any of you interested in a meal swap? 🙂

    • Lori September 28, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

      What do you mean by a meal swap? I might be interested! I was pretty disappointed by the JBF sale this year, if I’m going to be completely honest. It took SO much time to prep everything and I volunteered for 6 hours and I took home less than $100. I only sold about half of my things and two of my “big ticket” items didn’t sell at all. They advertise as being an “upscale” sale, but in my opinion, that’s not really the reality. My items were clearly priced too high, which means I could have done just as good accepting as little as people are willing to pay at a garage sale. I took everything that didn’t sell (which was literally a carload) and went straight to Kid to Kid with it. I got $100 for the few items they would accept, which I felt was way more lucrative and it was completely effortless. I enjoy shopping the sale, but for me, it took way more time and energy than I got for my “return”.

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