Mighty Massage

21 Jul

July 17th-23rd is Everybody Deserves a Massage Week!  I don’t think I need to explain the benefits of massage to anyone reading this blog!  It’s rare that I have the time and money to receive a massage myself, but when I do, I cherish that time.  I dream about it beforehand, I get myself all psyched up about it, I relish it in the moment & even meditate if I can, and once it’s over, I daydream about going back again and try my best to make the effects last as long as possible!

In honor of Everybody Deserves a Massage Week, I wanted to blog about perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Arlington: Good Feet.  Good Feet is owned and operated by a family from China who specialize in reflexology.  It’s located on Matlock, south of I-20.

The ambiance is great.  It’s dimly lit, has soft music playing in the background, and there’s a big screen TV in front of the massage chairs.  The chairs are oversized stuffed leather with huge comfy arm rests.  The masseur prepares a warm water soak for your tootsies, then rubs in some oil, and gives a very relaxing deep tissue massage on the toes, feet, and legs.

The best part is- it’s only $30 for an entire hour of relaxation and massage!  You can add in a back/shoulder/neck massage for a few bucks more as well.  I loved it so much I bought a 90 minute package for my husband on the spot!

Where is your favorite place to get a massage?


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