52 FEATS – NUMBER 24 (Eating Healthy)

19 Jun

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UPDATE – DAY 7 (Sunday):

This past week was one of the worst EVER for me.  No, it wasn’t because eating healthy made me totally miserable – it was because of medication I was taking for a blocked eustachian tube, which was not only painful but causing debilitating dizzy episodes.  The doctor said it was likely due to allergies (which is a new issue for me), and put me on steroids and told me to start taking Claritin-D.

A few days in, I thought I was losing my mind.  I couldn’t sleep; I was weak and so jittery I felt like ripping my hair out, and yet all I wanted to do was lay down and close my eyes.  I stopped the steroids, and for a day I started to feel better, but then I felt worse again.  Then I stopped taking the Claritin-D, too, because I just couldn’t handle feeling so crummy.

That was a couple days ago, and I’m happy to say that I finally feel like a normal person again.  My ear feels better – I guess I got enough meds in me to clear it up somewhat – but I don’t know what I’m going to do about the allergy issue long-term.  The doc wanted me on allergy meds every day but there’s no way I’m doing that.

AND – all of this coincided with my husband being out of town, so, like I said, worst week ever.  Because I felt so horrible, I didn’t do as well as I would have liked with this week’s Feat.  I started out strong but got off track a few times (Thursday night, I ate dinner at a buffet restaurant that shall remain nameless – eek).

Here’s what I was able to do:

  • I ate lots more raw fruits & veggies. When I made myself a sandwich, I sliced up an apple to go with it instead of chips.
  • I cut way back on caffeine and drank a lot more water (thanks, Lisa!).  I also drank milk occasionally.
  • I got out the juicer (dusted it off, as Lori said!) and made a rainbow juice with my kids –  strawberries, oranges, carrots, pineapple, spinach, blueberries, and grapes.  Oddly enough, my picky-eater son liked it more than my eats-anything daughter.  She would rather eat all of the ingredients in their natural state, which of course, is a good thing!
  • I made several smoothies, including an amazing mango & nectarine concoction.  I used plain greek yogurt in my smoothies for a protein boost, and only a little honey occasionally if I wanted any extra sweetness.
  • I took a multi-vitamin every day.
  • We always buy whole grain bread anyway, so that was already done.

Last night I found out that a very good friend of mine was diagnosed with early diabetes.  She’s going to have to eat better and exercise more if she wants to keep that at bay.  My mom has the same thing, and her mother was diabetic.  I could easily slip down that path if I’m not careful.  I’m 37; I can’t eat whatever I want with no consequences.  This week was not just an experiment, it was the beginning of a healthy way of life!


Ugh…I’m not exactly looking forward to this one, but I need it right now.  So do my kids.  We went on vacation last week, to San Antonio and then to Austin.  Over the course of those few days, we ate in the car, we ate at Sea World, we ate at the hotel, we ate at a birthday party…in other words, we ate like crap!  I had more cokes and French fries than I care to remember.

So this will be the week of healthy eating.  Note that I’m NOT talking about going on a diet – I won’t be counting calories or completely eliminating anything.  I’m just talking about generally making better choices when it comes to food, not for the purpose of weight loss, but for the purpose of better health.  And my kids need to cut back on the junk food, too, so they’re joining me whether they like it or not!

I got the following list of healthy eating tips from the YMCA:

1. Make half your grains whole. Choose whole grain foods, such as whole wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, and lowfat popcorn.

2. Vary your veggies. Go dark green and orange with your vegetables – eat spinach, broccoli, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

3. Focus on fruits. Eat them at meals, and at snack time, too. Choose fresh, frozen, canned, or dried, and go easy on the fruit juice.

4. Get your calcium-rich foods. To build strong bones, serve lowfat and fat-free milk and other milk products several times a day.

5. Go lean with protein. Eat lean or lowfat meat, chicken, turkey, and fish. Also, change your tune with more dry beans and peas. Add chickpeas, nuts, or seeds to a salad; pinto beans to a burrito; or kidney beans to soup.

6. Change your oil. Get yours from fish, nuts, and liquid oils such as corn, soybean, canola, and olive oil.

7. Don’t sugarcoat it. Choose foods and beverages that do not have sugar and caloric sweeteners as one of the first ingredients.  Added sugars contribute calories with few, if any, nutrients.


2 Responses to “52 FEATS – NUMBER 24 (Eating Healthy)”

  1. Lori June 14, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    So, does this mean you’re going to wipe the dust off that juicer?!!! I’d stay away from anything corn based (corn oil) unless it’s organic. We always cook with coconut oil, which is packed with the “good” fats. The flavor is wonderful too, especially in scrambled eggs, which might sound really weird!

  2. Lisa June 14, 2011 at 11:40 pm #

    I’m with you on this one, too. I’m not only trying to eat better, I’m trying to TRIPLE my water intake. (I’ve been assured by my doctor that three cups of coffee in the morning doesn’t count as three cups of liquid. Sigh.)

    I also play to try to eat as much raw food as possible this summer, from obvious choices like fruits and veggies to beans and nuts as well. If nothing else, it should cut down on heat in the kitchen from the stove!

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