52 FEATS – NUMBER 19 (Reflecting)

16 May

For the original 52 FEATS blog entry, click here.

UPDATE – DAY 7 (Sunday):

A little reflection is a wonderful thing.  Just having the opportunity to think about things – what you want, how you want to live, what kind of person you want to be – can help propel you forward.

I realized that I had strayed from some of the things I wanted to do this year, some of the habits I wanted to change.  Taking the time to remind myself was just what I needed.  For example, I had really fallen off the wagon with the Checking Messages Feat.  I had gotten right back into the habit of checking my phone obsessively every time I had a spare second.

I’m doing better about saying hello to people, exercising, and looking good.  I had a caffeine bender this weekend, but today I’m getting that out of my system.  I definitely don’t yell as much, and I think I’ve been good about showing appreciation to my husband.  I haven’t meditated very often, but this week of reflection almost felt like meditation.

Some things haven’t worked.  I’m not going to watch the news, and I discovered that my knees really can’t take running, but at least I gave each of those things a try.

I’m going to print out my Feats and tape them to my bathroom mirror as a daily reminder of the better person I want to be!


For our Mother’s Day celebration this weekend, my mom and I gave blood again.  While we were at Carter BloodCare, she asked me when I did the original “Donating Blood” Feat.  For the life of me, I couldn’t remember!  I knew it was cold outside at the time, but that was all.

I’m reading Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project right now.  In it, she gives herself a monthly list of new habits she wants to practice.  The idea is to add on each month, keeping the previous ones while taking on new ones.  That’s been my goal as well – I don’t want to forget all of the Feats I’ve tackled so far this year.  (And I noticed I need a refresher course the other day, when I was checking my email messages for the hundredth time on my iphone while at a red light.  Hellooooooo, Feat #4!)

So here’s a list of my Feats so far.  I’m going to spend this week reflecting on them, reminding myself of why I wanted to do each one in the first place and making sure I’m still working on them.  I know I’m doing good on Feat #3!

Number 1 – Saying Hello

Number 2 – Watching the News

Number 3 – Donating Blood

Number 4 – Checking Messages

Number 5 – Meditating

Number 6 – Not Spending

Number 7 – Exercising

Number 8 – Loving

Number 9 – Not Yelling

Number 10 – No Caffeine

Number 11 – Sleeping

Number 12 – Dog Walking

Number 13 – Getting it Done

Number 14 – Being on Time

Number 15 – Looking Good

Number 16 – Taking a Break

Number 17 – Running

Number 18 – Meal Planning


One Response to “52 FEATS – NUMBER 19 (Reflecting)”

  1. Lori May 17, 2011 at 1:53 am #

    Jen, I think it’s a GREAT idea to tape your list of things up in your bathroom; visual reminders work! I bought some mirror crayons & have started writing messages to everyone (including myself) that way

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