Dream Catcher – Part Two

11 May

Part Two of Lori’s quest to help her daughters conquer nightmares!  Click here for Part One.

So, we hiked and found everything we wanted to include on our dream catchers.  My friend, Heather, and her daughter came over bringing with them lots of goodies to add!  We had different colored string, feathers, beads, angel wings, and more!

The younger kids wound up being less helpful than I anticipated!  I think they were just so happy to see one another that they wanted to play.  Unbeknownst to me, my younger daughter was coming down with a virus and spent half of the play date laying on a rug by the back door.

Heather and I worked on all three dream catchers.  My five year old helped with hers.  We weaved the string into a web and hot glued or tied all of the trinkets on.

After our friends left, I explained to my girls what the dream catchers are for and what the Native Americans believed about them.  They each picked out a place in their rooms and hung them up on the walls.

So far so good, they are doing a wonderful job of keeping the bad dreams away!


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