20 Apr

A few weekends ago a good friend of mine invited my family and I over for dinner.  She lives out in the country and I always enjoy visiting with her.  With each visit, we learn new things, like how to plant peach trees and get the most out of your harvest.  My friend is what I like to call “crunchy”, not unlike myself.  I am always picking her brain about whatever latest gadget they have or ways to live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly life.

This last visit, we were introduced to the juicer!  I had never in my life tried freshly squeezed juice, so they offered to make us some, right on the spot.  I watched as my friend’s husband prepared an entire bag of carrots (washed and cut both tips off the ends), then fed them a few at a time into the juicer.  The result was a tall glass of the freshest, zestiest juice I had ever had.  We let the kids try some and to my amazement, my picky eater loved it!

My husband and I went home from dinner straight to do our research on juicers.  It turns out that eating fruits and vegetables in liquid form allows your body to more easily (and quickly) absorb all of the nutrients.  My friend had mentioned certain things they had tried, like granny smith apples that literally gave them a buzz from drinking.

This weekend the juicer we liked went on sale, so we bought it and started right away!  Our first juice was an instant success with the entire family (even the baby)!  It was the best investment we have made recently!  Our first recipe was our own made-up concoction.  We juiced about 2 cups of fresh spinach, 1 whole apple (minus the core), and a slice of lemon (rind on) about ¼” thick.

The result was a sweet, refreshing bright green, super healthy juice!  Another benefit to juicing, we can recycle the waste.  We recently purchased a compost bin, so, we’ll be adding all of our pulp to it whenever we juice!


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