52 FEATS – NUMBER 15 (Looking Good)

17 Apr

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DAY 7 (Sunday):

This week has left me feeling great.  I worked hard every day to put some thought into my appearance (though NOT the most important thing in life, I know), and it paid off.  I felt better about myself, people complimented me, and I even had more energy.  Twice my daughter said, “Mom, are you wearing lipstick?!  You look beautiful!”  Big time boost for my ego.

I also have a HUGE bag of clothes to donate.  I recently met a woman who’s a professional wardrobe consultant, and she starts every client out with a huge closet purge.  I did the same – I got rid of almost all my holey, stained, trashy-looking clothes.

I also decided not to keep anything I hadn’t worn in a long time, and I ended up with a huge pile of stuff that I can give to someone who really needs it.  What else did I end up with?  A closet where I can actually see what I have, and it’s all decent choices that will reflect who I am.  And though some days I may feel like a sloppy, crabby, tired mom, I don’t have to look like it.

I had such a great time with this one – this will definitely stick with me!

DAY 5 (Friday):

I almost feel like a new woman!  I bought myself a bunch of new clothes this week (and my new favorite pair of shoes, red leather Keen mary janes!!), and I’ve been wearing them.  And it’s true – you do feel like a different person when you look different.  I’m not sure what part I’m dressing for, but it’s NOT overworked, overtired, crabby old mom.  I may not be perfect, put-together, got-thing-all-figured-out mom, but at least I’m an improvement over my old self.

At times, it’s been a little weird, because it’s been so long since I dressed like ME, that I hardly know who ME is anymore.  But I’m working on it.

On Wednesday, me and my kiddos stayed home all day because my daughter was sick.  I didn’t get out of my pajamas all day – no joke, I wore them to bed again that night.  And I noticed that I felt like a tired bum all day.  I’m not saying that anyone needs to be presentable at all times in the comfort of their own home, but I think being unshowered and sloppy didn’t help me feel energetic about entertaining my kids at home all day.

On Thursday, I had to sort of break with the Feat because I really needed to workout while my son was at school in the morning.  So instead of putting on decent clothes, I put on workout clothes and jogged at the park with my daughter in the stroller.  So I was stinky and gross-looking – but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Later that night, I went out with friends and looked pretty nice, if I do say so myself.  Hair fixed, makeup on, new shirt…feeling good.  And I won 2 raffle prizes at the fundraiser I went to.  Coincidence?  Well, yeah, but a really good one!


OK, so I’m hardly a fashion icon yet, but I’ve been doing well with this Feat.  Yesterday I was out for a few hours in the morning with my kids, and even though I didn’t dress fancy (why would I, with 2 small children?) I did put on new clothes that looked decent.  I wore jeans, which to me is dressing nice – I’m not even kidding.  Unfortunately, by the time my husband got home, I looked like a wreck, since I had worn those clothes all day, including while I was gardening.  I was sweaty and dirty.  Sadly for him, he missed my dazzling morning debut.

Most of the day today, I was in really grubby clothes, but that was only at home.  I was planning to work out (never did), so I put on my exercise clothes first thing in the morning.  I ended up just hanging out with the kids all day.  I’m not even sure what we did…  But when it was time to take my son to his piano lesson in the afternoon, I put on some nice, brand-new clothes.  I fixed my hair (well, I don’t think what I do really “fixes” it) and put on a little makeup, and an outfit that was not pajamas.  I looked almost presentable!

At times, I feel a little bit silly, almost like I’m ridiculous for trying so hard.  Did I really need to wear an actual “blouse” (that word kind of scares me) and cute little sandals to sit and watch my son at gymnastics class?  Was it really necessary to fix my hair before running errands?  Or give myself a pedicure last night so the aforementioned cute little sandals wouldn’t reveal something horrifying?

My friend Anne mentioned here that you should dress for the job you want.  I want the job of happy, pretty, easygoing, put-together mom.  I don’t know if I will ever achieve it, but I’m at least going to try and change the way I look so maybe my attitude will follow.


I vaguely remember a time, a few years ago, when I looked good.  At least, I think I did.  Didn’t I?  It’s kind of hazy…

I’m pretty sure I didn’t used to wear sweats and t-shirts all the time, and definitely not ones that had holes and bleach stains on them.  I’m also pretty sure that I fixed my hair most of the time, and I might have even had a “hairstyle.”  I know I wore make-up and jewelry, and I didn’t look showering was a foreign concept.

But throw in a couple kids and full-time parenting, and all of that has completely flown out the window.  I basically look like crap.  A lot.  My husband has joked for a while that he’s going to take me on Maury, for the “My Wife Needs a Makeover” show.  At least, I think he’s joking…

He also loves to tease me before bed, asking me if I’m already in my jammies, when CLEARLY he knows I’m still wearing the clothes I wore all day.  That’s so rude!  But he’s not entirely wrong – what I wear on a daily basis does look like PJs.  Thank goodness my kids are too young to be embarrassed.

But hey – before anything else, I’m a mom!  I have 2 very young kids, neither one in school full-time yet, and I barely have enough time for that sacred shower.  My time is so precious and so short.  (I still don’t know how I’m able to squeeze in time to work on this blog every day.  It’s a miracle.)

So for the next week, I’m going to attempt to make myself look like a decent human being every day.  I’m not necessarily saying I’m going to wear make-up and look like I’m ready for a photo shoot, but I’m going to wear acceptable clothes and nothing that looks like pajamas.  I won’t wear anything with holes, stains, or cartoon characters.  And I got a head-start yesterday when I bought a bunch of new clothes – woohoo!  In fact, I’m going to throw out a lot of my crappy clothes, so I’m not tempted to wear them.  (Goodbye gigantic maternity-sized pajama bottoms with holes the size of grapefruits in them!)

And despite the comments my husband has made, I’m actually not doing this for him – I’m doing it in hopes that I will feel better about myself.  Perhaps I’ll feel a little more grown-up, a little more competent, if I look the part.  I’m kind of fed up with gasping in horror every time I walk by a mirror.

So here’s to a more presentable me.  To all my friends and family who have to see me on a daily basis, you’re welcome!


3 Responses to “52 FEATS – NUMBER 15 (Looking Good)”

  1. Lisa April 11, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

    Nothing gives me a lift so much as weeding out old clothes! And nothing makes me feel dumpier than wearing ill-fitting t-shirts, pilling sweaters and the like. Good for you in Feat #15!!

  2. anne April 12, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

    I believe strongly in the benefits of this feat. I went back to work this school year (boo for me) so that my husband could have his turn at home with the kids (yay for him.) That meant showering, outfits, blowdrying, makeup. I do these things every day now, because it makes a big difference in my behavior and mood. I am much less likely to become frazzled-yelling-angry-mom, when I can see myself through their eyes as nice-pretty-withit-mom. You dress for the job you want, right? You act out the thing you want to be… So it goes with this feat. You dress the part of a got-it-together mom and it starts working.

  3. Jen April 13, 2011 at 4:14 am #

    Anne, you make a really good point – I’m not going to act like a “withit” mom if I look like a wiped out mom. I think you’re right that you need to dress for the job. Maybe not in every case, but at least in my case, it’s got to start on the outside and work its way in.

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