52 FEATS – NUMBER 13 (Getting it Done)

3 Apr

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DAY 7 (Sunday):

What a week!  I’m exhausted, but so impressed with myself – and just generally happy – that I got so much done this week.  I feel completely exhilarated.  It’s an amazing feeling, to finally accomplish these things that I’ve been putting off for so long.  Freedom!!

I discovered that even just for a week, not putting anything off until later made a HUGE difference.  As I said in an earlier update, it gave me such a boost to get something done, it was like a little jolt of electricity to propel me to the next task.

And I wasn’t the only one who was on a butt-kicking rampage this week, either.  My husband (who already works more at his “real” job than any one person should have to), did a TON of yardwork to help me reach my goals (and his) of getting several projects done in the backyard.  Status on that one: DONE.

Tonight I strolled through through our backyard at least half a dozen times, marveling at how much work we’d accomplished.  We rock, and I’m so happy to be able to reap the benefits.

I got everything done on my huge to-do list except for one thing: uploading all my digital pics to flickr.com.  It’s such a time-consuming process, and I have literally thousands of photos!  I’m going to cut myself some slack on that one, because at least I did get more pics uploaded, and now I have a plan to get them all done within my lifetime.

BIG thumbs-up for this week!

DAY 4 (Thursday):

What a week I’m having!  I’ve been kicking some serious butt, crossing all kinds of things off my to-do list.  I organized my kids’ closets (again), finally unclogged my slow-draining bathroom sink, found a dentist, finished my taxes, and slogged through the piles of magazines on my nightstand.

It’s an truly energizing feeling to accomplish something – even if it’s something small – when it’s been out there for ages.  To finally get it out of the way, and out of my head, makes me that much more motivated to move on to the next task and get rid of that one, too.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed from all I’ve done this week, I feel uplifted.

I’m halfway through with another couple of big projects (uploading all my digital photos to flickr and weeding all the flower beds), and I still need to organize the garage and shed.  I know I can get it all done before Sunday.

Tomorrow morning: finally get my oil changed!


As you may know if you’ve ever read my blogs, I am a frazzled mom trying to do more than is realistic on most days.  Especially since now I do this website and some part-time freelance writing, I can barely keep up with the kids and the house.

I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to get more organized.  More!  More!  More!  I want my house – and my brain – to be like a Container Store catalog.  If I can make that happen, then surely I’ll get everything done each day – with time to spare.  Then enjoying life can’t be far behind.

One way that I can (hopefully) clear out a bit of mental clutter is to finally accomplish all the tasks on my to-do list.  I’m embarrassed to say that some things have been on it for – literally – years.  There are a few in particular that I have been writing on my calendar over and over, every week…

It’s spring, and now is the time for clearing out, sprucing up, and paring down so life can thrive!  I’m going to finally tackle these things that have been hanging over my head for too long.

What can you take on this week?


One Response to “52 FEATS – NUMBER 13 (Getting it Done)”

  1. Lori April 4, 2011 at 5:37 pm #

    I gave up making lists this year, otherwise I’d have been right there with you, Jen! Unfortunately, now I just forget a lot of things I should have done! In a way, it’s been completely liberating. I feel WAY more Zen. Everyone else probably just thinks I’m a nincompoop. All I know, is that I’m not stressing about anything! I’m SO glad you’ve been able to accomplish so much this week. I know that feels GREAT!

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