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Dinos Unearthed

31 Mar

Like dinosaurs?  Head over to the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas for Dinosaurs Unearthed, an exhibit of animatronic dinosaurs.  They move, they snarl, they blink – and some of them you can control yourself!

While you’re at the museum, you can also see dinosaur skeletons, dinosaur fossils, and let the little ones play in the Dino Dig.

For the Museum of Nature & Science website, click here.

FDA to Examine Link Between Food Dyes and Hyperactivity

31 Mar

Click here to read the full story.

Loving Guidance

30 Mar

This week, love has been coming up over and over again as a theme for me.  Some mothers and I were discussing Loving Guidance as a form of discipline at a meeting.  I had completely forgotten that I keep this simple guide posted on my fridge.  (Since we moved, we have a fridge that doesn’t allow magnets to stick, so I’ve had to stick everything to the side of it.  Now, I don’t see everything daily.  It’s obviously time to move this to a new location!)

I got this from a friend of mine, several years back, and I want to share it because it’s been so helpful to me, especially while raising toddlers and preschoolers.

What is Loving Guidance?

Look at the child.

Offer choices- small ones for small people

Very quick distractions are helpful

Include your child

Need freedom within limits

Get your home safety-proofed

Get to the cause of temper tantrums or misbehavior

Unconditional love and focused attention

Interesting opportunities for activity to limit TV viewing

Don’t ask- state what you mean

Attempt to child size their life to make it easier to “do myself”

Nursing- your child needs you to receive him with joy and enthusiasm most of the time

Constant safety supervision

Expectations & Environment- Are they realistic?

I really like it, because it’s so simple.  It only takes a few seconds to review it daily, weekly, or even monthly!

Continuing Education

29 Mar

Whether intentional or not, most moms I know seek out some sort of continuing ed.  Reading parenting books and blogs; posing pointed questions to a pediatrician and researching topics; and a good heart-to-heart with a fellow mother all count to my way of thinking.  Even careful observation in the grocery store—scrutinizing the methods a fellow mom uses to corral a trio of toddlers with enviable ease—can yield useful nuggets.  I’m the first to admit I borrow “best practices” from everywhere where I can, adapting them to my own maternal repertoire.

On Saturday, April 9, Jen and I are participating in a more formalized type of training at the Project Mom summit in Fort Worth.  The day-long conference includes motivational speakers, in-depth break-out sessions on everything from children’s health to growing confident kids to talking about the birds and the bees with your offspring (gasp—I’ve signed up for that one!).

Go to for the scoop. Hope to see you there!

Story Time at The Yoga Project

28 Mar

Every Wednesday at 12:00, come to The Yoga Project in Arlington for a FREE Kids’ Story Time!  Story times will alternate between the north location (2745 North Collins Street, Suite 109) and the south location (7807 South Cooper Street, Suite 107) – south location on Wednesday, March 30, north location on Wednesday, April 6, etc.

All pre-school age kiddos and their grown-ups are welcome for the FREE story time yoga class.  This is no regular story time … with a new theme every week, we use our imaginations and and playful minds to journey through stories.  In addition to story time, we do a little yoga, dancing, and playing.

For more information, check out

52 FEATS – NUMBER 12 (Dog Walking)

27 Mar

For the original 52 FEATS blog entry, click here.

Day 7 (Sunday):

I’ve enjoyed this Feat, although it’s been sad realizing that Ripley can’t handle much physical activity anymore.  I reconnected with my mutts, the two family members that have gotten pushed to the bottom of the dog pile in the last few years.  They got nice smells, some petting, extra treats.  I think they were happy.

Last night, I felt an uncommon burst of energy and decided not to just walk, but to run.  (I never run; I hate it.  But yesterday I met a woman with cystic fibrosis that runs.  If someone with low lung function can do it, so can I!)  So I ran, probably more than I have since I was in elementary school.

By the end, I was almost dragging poor Indy!  Even though he is our “youthful” dog, I guess he’s starting to feel his age.  (We’re pretty sure he’s deaf now, too – either that, or he’s decided to start ignoring us.)

I’ve still been taking Ripley out into the front yard to smell around after I walk Indy.  It seems like a pitiful gesture, but I think she appreciates it.  She gets really excited, and a change of scenery must be nice for someone who never gets out of the house except to

My neighbors just got a new puppy – only 10 weeks old.  She’s adorable!  Cute, floppy, nipping, yapping…she’s great.  She reminds me of both of my pups when they were little.  Indy was a scared little dog that ate his way out of any room we locked him in…just so he could sleep on the couch.  Ripley, who tops out at a whopping 70 pounds today, was a tiny, 15 or so pound pup.

My sweet dogs have been with me through so many life changes – my marriage, my kids, 4 rentals and two houses.  I hope they’re happy with where they are – they deserve it.

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Weekend Calendar Reminder

25 Mar

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on this weekend – click on the links or check out our calendar for all the details!

Friday, March 25:

Dallas Blooms at the Dallas Arboretum

Arlington Public Library Book Sale

Saturday, March 26:

Dallas Blooms at the Dallas Arboretum

Arlington Public Library Book Sale

Take a Hike! at the Heard Museum

HONK! Junior at Artisan Center Theater

Free Kids’ Crafts at Lakeshore Learning

Kids’ Fishing at Bass Pro Shops

Kidtoon Movies at Studio Movie Grill (Arlington Highlands)

Sunday, March 27:

Dallas Blooms at the Dallas Arboretum

Kidtoon Movies at Studio Movie Grill (Arlington Highlands)

Arlington Public Library Book Sale

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