The February Prayer Project – Questions and Answers

8 Feb

More than Mothers writer Lisa chronicles her thought-provoking experiment in faith and friendship in “The February Prayer Project.”  Here is Part Two of her four-part story.  Click here for Part One.

I worship idols.

Prior to our work in The February Prayer Project—whereupon I challenged Jen, Lori and myself to a month of prayer and spiritual pursuits in the second month of 2010—I thought that idolatry was one sin I didn’t have to call my own. Raised in a Christian household, I felt confident in the one true God. In college, I majored in Classics with heavy doses of Greek and Roman mythology. While I relished tales of Athena springing fully formed from Zeus’s head and the evil antics of Hades, never did I believe in anything beyond the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Additionally, I could see where a love for the trappings of modern life—fancy baubles, haute handbags, and the like—could morph into some kind of spirit-killing exercise. I may enjoy the occasional shopping excursion, but never do I bow down to the altar of Neiman’s or Nordstrom. My heathen-free self knows better.

All this meant idol worship wasn’t on my radar.

Until last February.

In our parameters for The February Prayer Project, I requested that The Bible serve as our only source for spiritual material. In other words, no web surfing in search of nirvana or flipping through self-help books on the quest for enlightenment. Someone once told me that every time you open a Bible, you initiate a conversation with God. That was precisely what I wanted: to hear from Him on how to live better and love better. I wanted details, Big Guy!

What I realized after reading most of Isaiah and the first chapters of Jeremiah was that I do often put comfort above God. I would suffer tremendously if, say, I didn’t have enough to eat or a roof over my head. Mature faith, I have grown to realize, means turning to Him to meet my needs without question. Like Job, if I lost everything, I should still have praises on my chapped lips.

As I spoke and listened to God last February, He also asked me to step out of my comfort zone by speaking about Him. I’m of the don’t-talk-religion school but am beginning to grasp how foolish and wrong that truly is. My God may have different nuances than yours (probably due to my ignorance), but if we never talk about Him, how will we know? I may know my best friends’ favorite color or movie, but do I know their views on the Almighty? Probably not, and that’s wrong.

I’m starting small, stepping out of my comfortable cocoon one post or conversation at a time.

And for that I say, “amen.”

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