The February Prayer Project – In the Beginning…

1 Feb

More than Mothers writer Lisa chronicles her thought-provoking experiment in faith and friendship in “The February Prayer Project.”  Here is Part One of her four-part story.

One year ago today, Jen, Lori and I embarked on a spiritual adventure, one that continues to resonate in my life.

Dread, I admit, sparked the idea for The February Prayer Project.  February has long been a tough month for me.  The gloomy skies, the cold temps and post-holiday blues inevitably made the second month of the year my personal least favorite.  I felt determined to break this unhappy cycle in 2010, but I feared I might have trouble doing it alone.  The practice of daily prayer—like a Pilates class—would be easier and more fun if I didn’t go it alone.  I figured the accountability factor would keep my motivation strong as well: if I asked my close friends to pray and/or meditate every single day for a whole month, I’d have an obligation to do so as well.

To my delight, Lori and Jen signed on to my quirky plan, agreeing to the following ground rule:

1.   To keep a journal throughout the month on how they prayed, where they prayed, what it meant personally (if anything at all);

2.   To refrain from consulting outside sources on how to pray, with the notable exception of The Bible; and

3.   To resist the impulse to discuss the project within our little group, with the notable exception of weekly interviews with me; I would call my friends and ask questions about their process, their challenges, what worked and what didn’t.  You see, I didn’t just want to pray.  I wanted to know if it worked.

Jen and Lori’s enthusiasm only added to my excitement.  I was rarin’ to go!  So imagine my chagrin when praying that first week proved no less than excruciating for me.  I swear I couldn’t keep my mind focused for more than 90 seconds!  Here I, a believing Christian, could barely cobble together a “Dear God…” without feeling overwhelmed, underprepared and full of doubt.

I persisted, though, and by the end of those first seven days had lost some of my self-consciousness and discomfort.  While I am hardly a morning person, I also discovered that I liked praying in the morning.  I had to get out of bed first, though.  If I woke up and tried to pray while all cozy between my sheets, I’d invariably fall back to sleep.  So I’d head to the couch (sans coffee no less!) and spend 5, 10, 15, finally 20 minutes praying.

And it was good.

Quite good.

Next week, I’ll talk about big questions, surprising answers and a weakness I didn’t even know I had!


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