31 Jan

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I’m currently in a state of crisis.  An overly dramatic statement, I realize, but it feels true nonetheless – at least, it felt true the other night when I was sobbing on the couch, having a panic attack.

Like many people, I have way too much on my plate.  And it’s kind of freaking me out.

Kids, husband, cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, work, blog, exercise (OK, not so much on that last one)…  How can I keep up with all of it?  How can anyone possibly?  Is everyone else succeeding where I’m failing?

My wonderful, all-knowing husband has me figured out.  He says that my problem is, I work really hard to get on top of everything, and then I have this lull where I feel like things are going smoothly so I can take on more.  And I do.  Then a few weeks later, I’m freaking out.  Again.  (Fortunately for me, this is usually the point in the process where he steps in and rescues me by taking over pretty much everything.  Yes, I chose wisely when I married.)

My knee-jerk reaction when I get in crisis mode?  More planning, more organization, better scheduling.  I feel like I must be deficient in one of those departments, so I need to work overtime to correct it.

But something is telling me that right now, I just need to take a step back.  No amount of work is necessarily going to make it possible for me to complete that gigantic daily to-do list.  So instead of wringing out my calendar until the last bit of organization oozes from it, I’m going to sit quietly and meditate every day this week.

It’s almost counter-intuitive for me, when I get in this frenzied state – the LAST thing I think about is slowing down or stopping.  But this year is about trying to improve myself, trying some things that can make me a better person, or maybe just a happier one.

Meditating isn’t entirely new to me – I tried it for a couple weeks last year and really enjoyed it.  But like so many things, I just find it hard to make time to do it.  (See the aforementioned note on exercising.)

So for Feat #5, every day this week I’m going to set aside time in the morning and time at night to meditate.  I’m not sure how long I will do it each time – I think I’ll just go with the flow and see where it takes me.

I’m looking forward to seeing how meditation will affect the way I tackle my to-do list.  I’m hoping that taking that time out of my schedule every day will actually make me more productive.  Who knows – maybe after meditating, my to-do list suddenly won’t seem so pressing after all.

Anyone care to join me for this one?  Won’t cost you anything and might bring you some peace.  Why not??


3 Responses to “52 FEATS – NUMBER 5”

  1. Lori January 31, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    I know that you know that I will do this one with you! Yay for meditation! Are you going to be guided in any way, or leaving it more open ended? I look forward to reading about your experience on this one!

    • Jen January 31, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

      You know, I think I’ll try and find different ways to do it. For today, I’ll just go “freestyle” – ha! Then I think I will do some research about different ways of doing it. If you have any suggestions, I’d LOVE to hear them!


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    […] For the original FEAT #5 blog entry, click here. […]

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