Super Bowl Lane Closures

24 Jan

Arlington Police Department News Release

In preparation for Super Bowl XLV, there will be some lane closures immediately surrounding Cowboys Stadium.  These closures are part of public safety and for logistical purposes.  Planners took into consideration the businesses operating in the Entertainment District and the impact that these changes could have on their traffic.  Attached is a map that details which lanes are closed and the impacted duration.  This map and up-to-date information getting around for the Super Bowl can also be found at

The major thoroughfares that will be impacted are Collins Street and Randol Mill Road.  Neither one of those roads will completely close for the Super Bowl, but there will be some lanes closed on those roadways.  On Randol Mill, eastbound traffic will be directed north of the median, creating one lane of traffic in each direction from Friday, Jan. 28, to Tuesday, Feb. 8.  Instead of having two lanes of traffic in each direction, there will only be one heading each way.

Collins Street will be similar, taking northbound and southbound lanes of traffic into the southbound lanes from Saturday, Jan. 29 through Tuesday, Feb. 8.  In addition, on game day – Sunday, Feb. 6 – all traffic on Collins will only be allowed to run south.

The streets that are completely closed are Cowboys and Legends Way.  Both are feeder roads into the stadium and not major thoroughfares.


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