Amber Baby

19 Jan

For Christmas, I purchased a necklace for my son.  That’s right, I said “necklace” and “son” in the same sentence!  For years, I have seen babies (mostly at La Leche League meetings), wearing amber necklaces.  I knew they were worn for “teething”, but that was about the extent to my knowledge.  My desire to live a more sustainable life free from (as many) chemicals has evolved over time, which is why it wasn’t until I had my third baby that I started researching teething pain and natural remedies.

With the first two children, I used the Hyland’s homeopathic teething tablets.  With the recall though, I was concerned about using those at this point.  (For more information on the recall please see  I started researching the amber necklaces and here is what I found:

  • Baltic amber is not actually a stone; it’s a fossilized tree resin (or tree sap)
  • It’s been used in Europe to treat a variety of ailments over centuries
  • When Baltic amber is worn on the skin, it’s warmed by the skin and the warming causes it to release trace amounts of healing oils (from the amber)
  • These oils contain succinc acid, which is then absorbed by the skin
  • Succinc acid is a natural component of plant/animal tissue, which has been found to be beneficial in the human body
  • Amber can be used for pain relief, to strengthen immunity, as a restorative measure, to decrease inflammation, and to maintain wellness

I asked around to some friends who had purchased the necklaces for their babies.  I ended up going with the most masculine looking one I could find for my son!  People still ask me why I have a necklace on my boy.  Truly though, I think they are more curious, than judgmental about it.

My son has been wearing the necklace daily (I take it off of him while he sleeps) since Christmas.  For him, it has definitely made a difference.  He got two teeth during the holidays and his sleep cycle was undisturbed!  He is still drooling and chewing on anything he can get his hands on, but I can tell he is not in as much pain as before.  He does not fuss like he used to.  For example, before, I could tell when he was in pain, because he would be chewing on a toy right on the spot his gums were bulging and he would be fussing.  I tried letting him chew on ice and a frozen wet washcloth, but even then he was obviously bothered by the pain.  Since he’s had the necklace, he is no longer fussing about his teeth.  He’s working on the top two right now.

My mom just purchased an amber bracelet for her carpal tunnel syndrome.  I’ll keep everyone posted on how well it works for that!  For more information about the amber necklace I purchased, please see:  In addition to all of the benefits, they are really cute!


2 Responses to “Amber Baby”

  1. Cloth Diapering Mama ~Jessica January 19, 2011 at 11:09 pm #

    i’m going to look into this for my son! thank you for the post!!!

  2. Artisan January 21, 2011 at 11:35 am #

    Amber is incredible and unmatched in its natural healing powers – and not just for children. People have used amber for centuries for arthritis, respiratory infections including chronic asthma, as a stress reliever that interacts with the body’s nervous system and much, much more. Researchers and scientists have expounded on the exceptional ability of Baltic Amber to thwart infection and enhance immunity. Today, everyone is turning more toward homeopathic medicines – Amber is at the top of the list in it’s healing abilities.

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