52 FEATS – Feat 1, Day 6

9 Jan

I’m so glad I started off with this Feat.  I’ve felt more positive with the start of this year – or maybe it’s just a desire to feel more positive.  Either way, this was a great way to enhance that feeling.  It’s not that I suddenly think all people are wonderful, but positioning myself to give friendly greetings sure has made a difference in how I feel about them.  And in how I feel about myself.  I can be nice!  I can be friendly!  Who knew??

A friend of mine, who has been trying out Feat 1 with me, made the comment that perhaps people think we’re arrogant or rude when we run around everywhere avoiding eye contact and not acknowledging anyone.  I know this is true.  I can’t count how many times in my life people were actually surprised to find out that I’m a really nice person, because they had assumed I was mean-spirited based on the vibe I was giving off.  That’s not how I want to be perceived, because it’s really not an accurate representation of who I am.

This Feat isn’t so bad at all!

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