52 FEATS – Feat 1, Day 3

6 Jan

(Note:  I may not always do a FEATS update every single day.  I’m sure at some point I will run out of steam!  Until that time, enjoy my daily ramblings…)

Today went well.  Went to a store, said hello to people.  Went to the park, said some more hellos.  I’m definitely getting better at this!  It’s starting to not feel quite so fake.  And so far, I haven’t encountered anyone who seemed annoyed by my greetings.

Found out that discount skating night at the roller skating rink is NOT a great place to say hi to people.  Too crowded, too many teenagers.  (And yes, I realize that makes me sound like an old fart.  If the shoe fits…)  Why does it seem like the MORE people there are, the HARDER it is to acknowledge anyone??

My husband and I have talked about whether or not there would be some instances where me saying hello to someone – just a simple hello – might be misconstrued as flirting.  If I’m alone, and I make eye contact with a man who is alone and say hello, does he think I’m hitting on him?  My husband thinks yes.  I have to admit, if I was alone somewhere and some guy said hi to me, I would probably think the same thing.  Is that ridiculously arrogant of me?

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