Happy New Year!

4 Jan

I love the start of a brand-spankin’-new year, and the accompanying clean slate.  I am delighted (and relieved) to report that our household had a delightful Christmas and an easy two-week vacation.  Paige—my daughter with autism—turned 15 yesterday.  I find that hard to believe, thought it’s more reason to celebrate.

As I mentioned in a December post, I am working on my prayer journal, noting what I’ve requested, what gifts I have received and what I have given.  It’s an intriguing project, one I’m not contributing to every single day but I feel fine about that, too.  I feel fine about everything, actually.  I’m recharged and ready to work hard and work smart this year.

A Wall Street Journal story from a few days ago only adds fuel to my fire:

In the Chinese calendar, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, which is predicted to be a peaceful year, conducive to artistic pursuits.  (It also is an auspicious year for thinking, study and investment.)  That should bode well for the dozens of sensitive, creative artists who shared with us their goals for the coming year.

WSJ reporters spoke with dozens of artists across the spectrum (from painters and poets to architects and academics) about their goals for the coming year.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Olafur Eliasson, Danish artist, best known in the U.S. for erecting man-made ‘Waterfalls’ around New York: One of my goals for the year is to create a work of art that only consists of a feeling.  I’m trying to work out how to get at that, how to define it as a work of art.  There are obviously many feelings, but the one I’d like to create is the feeling of community.  Highly abstract, I know.

Thomas Keller, chef; his restaurants include the French Laundry in California: It’s always the little things.  In the French Laundry, which is a very small space, where can people put their handbags?  We did three prototypes of chairs with a little shelf that slides in an out and you can put your handbag on that. A cabinetmaker could add it onto the chairs.

Oprah Winfrey, television host, chairman of production company Harpo Inc. and chairman of cable network OWN: I don’t make them, because I live in the space that I’m in right now.  I move with the flow, live in the moment…  If you ask for love, you think it’s going to be all lovey, you think you’re going to walk around feeling all kinds of loving feelings.  No.  You ask for love, you’re given the opposite, so you can show that you have love and compassion.

Cloris Leachman, actress: Have a baby and get married.  Sing on “American Idol.”

Want more? Click here for a link to the full story.


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