FAQs about Breastfeeding

15 Dec

If your mother breastfed you, you’re lucky in more ways than one.  Not only would that have increased your IQ by a few points, but you’d be less likely to be obese, you would be less susceptible to allergies, and you would be less likely to have certain forms of cancer.

If your mother breastfed you, you may have the added benefit of her support, education, & advice.  My mother did not, in fact, breastfeed my siblings and me, so when I got pregnant with my first baby, I knew I needed to find information/support somewhere.  I found the information and support I needed in my local La Leche League group.

I was able to observe other mothers nursing (for the first time), get my questions answered, and get to know the leaders.  I am glad I did too, because I ended up having a myriad of issues with breastfeeding my first.  As a result, one of the leaders came to the hospital (after the lactation consultant was nowhere to be found, despite my begs and pleads with other hospital staff) and helped me.  La Leche League offers a wealth of information on breastfeeding and support.

This Guide was put together recently, to answer a few really important and frequently asked questions.  Please feel free to pass it along to anyone you know who is pregnant and/or interested in more information about breastfeeding!

To view the Guide, click the picture above or click here.

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