New Year’s Resolutions: Here’s to a 2011 Filled with Promises Kept and Goals Achieved

14 Dec

I take my New Year’s Resolutions seriously, so I’m already thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2011.  In all honesty, I get a rush at the start of a fresh year.  The possibilities a blank calendar brings often propels me out of the post-Christmas malaise.  In the recent past, I have worked on my posture, donated a larger percentage of my income, and given up white sugar (until the first week of February that is).

This year I’m leaning toward starting a Prayer Journal.  Though it may seem counterintuitive for someone who writes for a living, I do not keep a diary.  My mother (bless her!) writes down milestones for my kids.  When did Paige lose her first tooth or Chip say mama the first time?  Ask Grandma.  Like an overstuffed Christmas goose, my memories are a hot, sticky jumble!  It’s all a blur.

This Prayer Journal may answer that need, too.  Here’s my rudimentary plan.  I’ll divide a spiral notebook into three parts: a) Prayer Requests; b) Thoughts/Hopes/Wishes—those desires and ideas I’m still mulling or trying to decide if I even truly want; c) My Blessings to Others.  That final section—arguably the most critical—will keep me accountable for giving back.  If A & B are pages and pages while C remains puny, I’ll have tangible evidence that my value system is out of whack.

In fact, I might break out the notebook and get a jumpstart on my New Year’s project.  Taking stock of where you are and who you are shouldn’t be governed by anything beyond personal motivation.  And a few extra minutes each day to spare!


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