The Kindness Chain

6 Dec

Anyone read my blog about our Thankful Turkey?  I made a turkey out of styrofoam balls and yarn – Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!  Each day the kids told me something they were thankful for, we’d write it down on a foam “feather,” and stick it in our turkey.

Well, the kids LOVED it.  They didn’t want it to end when Thanksgiving was over.  And I have to admit, I didn’t want them to think that gratitude is only important once a year.

But…I was ready to bid adieu to the turkey.  So I was trying to come up with a way to continue that same theme, with a Christmas variation.

After much internet (and brain) searching, I finally came across the perfect thing here – what I’ve dubbed a “Kindness Chain.”  It’s just a simple paper chain, made of links of paper circled and and stapled around each other.  Every time someone in our house does something kind, we write it down on a strip of paper and add another “link” to our chain.  (I have to admit I’m worried that our 3-year-old daughter won’t have much to contribute.  She’s already told me many times that she’s on the “naughty” list.  And proud of it.)

We’ve gotten started with a few very simple – but cute – “links”:

1) My son told me he loved me.

2) I gave my daughter my last pretzel.

3) My son held my hand to keep it warm.

4) My daughter brought my son a toy that she thought he might like to play with. (Ha – she was kind in spite of herself!)

They’re small things, but that’s how ideas get planted in kids’ heads.  You try it over and over, and eventually, it sticks – at least, you hope it does!

My goal is that by the time Christmas rolls around, we’ll have a huge, long chain wrapping around our tree.  I think we can do it, as long as I don’t REMOVE chains for bad behavior!

Here’s hoping the holiday spirit moves all of us to show a little extra kindness to others.


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