Shop ‘Til You Drop

30 Nov

I have boarded the buying bandwagon, as my Amex statement can attest.  Our brood headed to Little Rock for Thanksgiving and on Friday morning, it was me and a whole bunch of LSU fans in the new Target off University Avenue.  (The store replaced an entire mall so there’s a ton of parking.  A bunch of Louisiana fans up for the game had parked their RVs there; hence the wave of purple rather than the expected Razorback red!)

The Wall Street Journal reported retail sales were up 9 percent over last year during the three-day holiday weekend.  That’s not counting what is sure to prove a record-breaking Cyber Monday.  I keep an email account dedicated to online shopping.  When I logged in this morning—after not checking it in almost a week—I had 43 promotional emails.  Everyone from CVS and Shutterfly to Best Buy and Lands’ End offers LOWEST PRICE OF THE SEASON!  It’s enough to make a girl’s pulse flutter!

It’s also enough to make me glad I waited this year on certain purchases.  Typically I like to finish the holiday shopping by Dec. 1.  Not so this year, in large part because of our 5-year-old fickle pickle.  One day he wants a Wii ($200), the other day he’ll die if Santa doesn’t bring him a Kung Zhu ($8).  I may just hold off until Christmas Eve to see what the flavor of the day is.

Are we going to spend more this year than last? Possibly. Some of the deals are just too sweet.

Confession: I’m a sucker for a sale.


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