A Pit Stop Between Halloween and Christmas

22 Nov

If you’ve read my blogs, you know that I love Halloween.  I love it so much, I’m completely worn out by November 1, and it takes me a couple weeks to catch up on regular life and get all the decorations put away.

So by the time that happens, by the time I’m caught up on laundry and cleaning and all the Halloween boxes have been stowed in the attic, it’s mid-November.  Holiday happenings are already in full swing everywhere you look.  Christmas decorations out the wazoo – music, lights, trees, Santa…

But wait – I feel like I missed something.

What happened to Thanksgiving?  The only things around to get me in the mood for Thanksgiving are huge bins of frozen turkeys, pallets of brown-n-serve rolls, and Black Friday ads.  Shouldn’t there be some fanfare for the holiday?  Something to really get us in the spirit?  I don’t know, maybe twinkly turkey lights or everyone wearing pilgrim hats?

I don’t want to gloss over this holiday.  I want to focus on it, to teach my kids (and myself) important lessons of gratitude.  Especially with Christmas, that holiday of unforgiving excess, looming right around the corner.

So I found some cute Thanksgiving-related crafts online to get my house in the mood for the holiday.  We did some turkey coloring pages, borrowed some Thanksgiving books from the library, made handprint turkeys (of course), and did my favorite craft of the year so far – our Thankful Turkey.

I got the idea here, though I modified it slightly.  Here’s the basic idea:  Cut a 1-inch sliver off the bottom of a large styrofoam ball.  Wrap it in dark brown yarn.  Wrap a smaller styrfoam ball in tan yarn, and stick the two together with a craft stick or dowel.  Cut out foam or felt shapes for the face.  Cut out a bunch of foam or felt “feathers” to insert into your turkey’s tail.  I hot-glued mine onto small craft sticks – you could also use toothpicks.  And my favorite part?  I made him some feet!

Each morning, the kids think of something they’re thankful for, we write it down on a feather, and add it to our turkey’s tail.  It’s a great visual reminder of being thankful, and it’s really cute.  We plan to bring it with us to both of our family Thanksgiving dinners, to use as a centerpiece decoration.

Even though it may not come with the hullabaloo of Christmas, I’m not letting this holiday slip by unnoticed.  I can’t wait for Thursday morning, when I’ll add another feather to our Thankful Turkey and count my blessings.  They are abundant.


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