World Pneumonia Day 2010

11 Nov


Moms across the world know that there is nothing worse than having a sick kid.  Ok, there might be one thing; having a sick child die.  You may not know this, but pneumonia is the number 1 killer of children in the developing world.  Not Malaria, not HIV/AIDS, PNEUMONIA!

World Pneumonia Day is November 12th, and Save the Children is part of a coalition of more than 100 global health and humanitarian organizations working to build awareness and support around this unknown killer.

We lose more than a million children under age five each year to this highly preventable and treatable illness.  The antibiotics to save a life cost less than one dollar.

Please consider helping us draw awareness to this easily solvable but devastating situation.

Below is a link to the video featuring World Pneumonia Day Representative Kevin McKidd of Grey’s Anatomy.  Feel free to share this information with your followers to help us get the word out about World Pneumonia Day.  Thank you so much for your help is raising awareness for WPN.

For the video, click here.

For more information on World Pneumonia Day 2010, please visit


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