Dallas CASA

2 Nov

A friend of mine who works for ORIX forwarded me this message from her company.  She sits on the ORIX Foundation board, and the Dallas CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates) organization is very near and dear to their hearts.  Please read the following and help make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children by forwarding the message on to as many people as you can!  Check out www.orixfoundation.org for more info.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Can you spare a few minutes to change a life?

On an average day in Dallas County , nearly 2,000 abused and neglected children are in foster care because they cannot live safely at home.  These children are in crisis and desperately need powerful voices to speak for them.

Dallas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is a nonprofit organization of volunteers who are appointed by judges to do precisely that.  CASA volunteers make recommendations that help judges decide where the children can live safely and permanently.  For many children, a CASA volunteer is the only constant person in their lives during a frightening, uncertain time.

Since 1980, Dallas CASA volunteers have made a lasting difference in the lives of thousands of abused and neglected children.  With your help, we can continue to build a healthier, safer community for all our children.

Abused and neglected children need any help you can offer.  Please consider becoming a volunteer, telling others about CASA or spreading the word about our auxiliary groups, the Young Professionals and the Children’s Council.  One very simple way to help is to become part of Dallas CASA’s 30th Anniversary 30×30 Campaign.  Please take a few minutes to forward this message to 30 friends and colleagues and encourage them to learn more about Dallas CASA and ways to help abused and neglected children by visiting www.dallascasa.org.

Thank you for your time and commitment to changing the lives of children in our community.  You truly will be the difference in a child’s life.


One Response to “Dallas CASA”

  1. Lori November 2, 2010 at 5:00 pm #

    CASA is a GREAT organization. I have worked closely with them in the past. My mom volunteered for them for a while as well!

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