Just Between Friends Consignment Sale

8 Oct

Just Between Friends (JBF for the really savvy) is the Nation’s Leading Children’s and Maternity Consignment Sales Event.  You get to sell smart, shop smart, AND support a non-profit organization in Arlington.

JBF Arlington is held twice a year Spring/Summer and Fall/ Winter.  The Fall/Winter sales event is going on now through October 10th at 1040 W. Arkansas Lane (in the old PetSmart building).  This is a free event.

Shopping hours for the public are Friday the 8th– 9am-5pm, Saturday the 9th 8am-5pm, and Sunday the 10th 9am-5pm.  Sunday is HALF PRICE day!

I happened into a Presale band via lottery and shopped last night.  Based on what I had heard, I was expecting “Black Friday” crowds, people pushing, and falling over one another, fighting for cheap merchandise!  It was NOT like that at all!

I did receive a pep talk from a friend, who advised me to come early (30 minutes before the doors opened), and NOT bring a stroller or any older children.  They do allow you to wear your baby and the baby must be a nursling and non-walker.  She told me to bring a large tote and said she has seen people dragging laundry baskets during previous events.  I ate, hydrated, and made sure I was wearing sneakers, just in case I wound up in a foot race for something I couldn’t live without!  I am glad I arrived early.

By the time I gained entry to the sale, the line was about as long as a football field.  But once inside the building, it did not seem crowded.  It was like being inside of a garage sale as big as a store.  They had baby toys, kids’ toys, bath accessories, slings/baby wraps, bikes, large toys, small toys, walkers, strollers, high chairs, maternity clothes, shoes for babies/toddlers/children, puzzles, movies, books, Boppy pillows, furniture, mattresses,  bikes, trikes, ride-in cars, and more.  Everything was surprisingly very well organized, which made shopping a breeze.

I did my shopping without having to fight anyone, which is always a bonus.  It was nice having an evening out, a date if you will, with my nursling!  I left the sale after an hour and a half about $47.00 poorer, but purchased a bike, two pair of shoes, one pair of snow boots, one pj set, and three two piece outfits for the girls.  Not too shabby for the price!  Everything was in really good condition too.  So, if you’re in the market for really cheap stuff for kids/baby, check it out!

For more details, click here.


One Response to “Just Between Friends Consignment Sale”

  1. Lisa Martin October 8, 2010 at 10:40 pm #

    Love the image of you and the little boy power shopping and snapping up sweet deals–for a good cause! Awesome!

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