World Food Day USA

7 Oct

Hunger absolutely haunts me.  Not on an intimate level; fortunately, I have never been personally affected by real, poverty-induced hunger.  But when I think about those in the world, and even in my own community, who don’t have enough to eat, I feel tormented.  How can anything in a person’s life work if they don’t have the basic nutrition to get through each day?

And as a mother, the thought of hungry kids is appalling.  Especially in our country, where so much food is available, and so much food ends up being wasted.

World Food Day USA is Saturday, October 16.  According to their website, World Food Day is “a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed,  year-around action to alleviate hunger.”  In other words, TAKE NOTE – people in this world are starving and need help.  Every single one of us bears that responsibility.

Each Halloween, my family holds a food drive in our neighborhood to collect donations for a local food bank.  We trick-or-treat and pick up canned goods, as well as candy.  It’s not much – it certainly won’t eternally satisfy the needs of everyone in our area.  But it’s something, and I feel compelled to try harder every year to make it bigger and better, with the hopes of reaching more people with the effort.

What can you do in YOUR community to help out?  Here are some websites that might give you great ideas: – information on events related to World Food Day – buy good or make direct monetary donations to help end hunger – Tarrant Area Food Bank, an organization that fights hunger in Fort Worth and 13 surrounding counties


2 Responses to “World Food Day USA”

  1. Val October 7, 2010 at 2:31 pm #

    Your canned food drive means a whole lot of something to someone who is hungry and can eat because you took the time to gather food for those in need. I think your canned food drive helps in many more ways than you can imagine. YOU ROCK!!!


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