National Night Out

6 Oct

National Night Out, a crime/drug prevention event, was last night.  It is hard to believe it’s been going on for 27 years now!  I remember being a kid and participating with most of the neighbors that lived on our street.  Our parents would let us stay up late, which was extra cool on a school night!  We would grill hotdogs and eat ridged chips with sour cream and onion dip.  Us kids would ride our bikes, play flashlight tag, and have races in the street.  Our parents would set up card tables & chairs, relax, telling stories, playing cards, and having a beer!

National Night Out was designed to get people out and into their neighborhoods, to meet their neighbors and create a presence that makes an anti-drugs/anti-crime statement.  We have a fairly active HOA in our current neighborhood (they are really quick to give you a note when your weeds are too high), so I was disappointed to learn we were not doing anything as a neighborhood to raise awareness.

That did not stop me as an individual from getting my own family involved!  It was nothing like my childhood memories, but that’s OK!  We started a new tradition for our family and were able to get a few of the neighbors involved!  I even talked with one of the HOA Board members, who said he had no idea what NNO was.  He was eager to plan something for next year!  You can bet I will make myself available to help him!

My husband and I got outside with the kids and played.  My husband taught the kids some skateboard tricks and I wrangled them up for a game of flashlight tag.  The kids stayed up late, got plenty of fresh air, and had a ton of fun!

For more information on National Night Out, check out this website:

When you register in advance, you can get all kinds of perks, like law enforcement coming out and giving safety tips to you & your neighbors.  The librarians at our local public library were also offering to set up a table in the neighborhood to get people to apply for free library cards!

I’d love to hear how you celebrate NNO, either present day, or when you were younger, so feel free to leave a comment!


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