Getting Pregnant is Like Planning a Wedding

4 Oct

Welcome Erika, our new guest blogger!  She will be undergoing IVF (in vitro fertilization) later this month, and will be sharing her experiences with us.

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for almost two years.  It has been a very frustrating process in which there has been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (LOTS).  It baffles my mind to think that husband and wife can just “make whoopee” and out pops baby; this definitely has not been my experience.

At this point, when I think of making a baby, I think of charting, needles, doctors, drugs….and, oh, my husband.  As you’ve probably figured out, I’m traveling down the medically-assisted fertility path.

To give you a little background about us, I’m 27 years old and completely healthy.  My doctor even said, and I quote, “You have killer ovaries!”  My husband is 28 years old and has normal sperm that can swim.

I know as you read this, you probably question why we are doing fertility procedures so early on, especially when IVF is such an invasive process.  We have made our decision based on two things: 1) Why wait; and, 2) My insurance is paying 75% of the procedure.  They would have paid for the whole thing; unfortunately, the lab is “out of network” and is not covered….grrr.  Overall, this is the best decision for us right now.   But I digress.

When I think of doing in vitro, I think of planning a wedding.  Both involve two parties, legal documents, and hopefully, at the end of the “ceremony,” a blessing from a minister.  In each event, there is so much planning involved to make this “party” the best possible experience and hopefully a happily ever after.  Remember when you were engaged?  You went to multiple vendors to pick out flowers, cake, band, etc., and probably attended a pre-nuptial prep course.  Well, you’re doing the same thing in IVF by picking out that perfect doctor, taking blood samples, and learning courses for your multiple drugs.  It’s crazy and stressful.

In the past few weeks, I have been prepping for IVF by taking birth control pills (to suppress testosterone levels) and a daily shot to prevent ovulation.  Today, I actually started taking my 2 shots to stimulate my ovaries, the same shot mentioned earlier to prevent ovulation, and 2 antibiotics to prevent sickness….needless to say, it’s a lot.  I like to refer to all the medicine as “making my baby from a box.”

Another fun part in planning your wedding is keeping that mother-in law happy.  In the fertility world, that would be known as your ovaries.  To keep your M-I-L happy, you have to shower her with love, treat her with respect, and court her so you receive that perfect present.  Ovaries are the same way; they need a significant amount of attention and finesse to create those perfect eggs.

To end the prepping of your IVF, you must sign many legal documents.  These would be known as your “pre-nups.”  There are so many things to consider before creating life outside the body.  One of the choices is whether to have the doctor perform an Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) the day he harvests your eggs.   Sometimes, when the doctor harvests your eggs, he will put the eggs and sperm in a petri dish and let magic happen naturally.  Well sometimes magic doesn’t happen…you’re hubby-to-be has got cold feet and is thinking of running away.  Not too fast buddy; there is a Church lady standing in the foyer to intercept you, grab your ear, and lead you back down the aisle.  In the IVF procedure, the doctor will use a syringe to “intercept” one sperm and force it into the egg to create an embryo.  Essentially, this is the fool-proof plan that your husband-to-be won’t leave you standing alone at the altar.

Overall, this has been a long journey of planning the most important event of our life.  We’re really excited about moving into this next chapter.  If everything goes according to plan, I will have my eggs harvested on the 15th and put back in 5 days later.  So, until then, happy planning.


One Response to “Getting Pregnant is Like Planning a Wedding”

  1. Lisa Martin October 4, 2010 at 6:40 pm #

    Thank you, Erika. I had no idea about all the legal issues involved. Fascinating! Please keep us posted! I’ll be your more traditional “church lady,” and say a few prayers!

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