Toothpick Time

23 Sep

I recently got one of those glass jars with a metal lid that has holes in it – not sure what it’s called, but you see them at Italian restaurants with parmesan cheese or red pepper flakes in them.  (A cheese shaker??)  I spread a bunch of different-colored toothpicks out on the table and let my 2-year-old put them into the jar through the holes in the lid.  Great practice for fine motor skills!

Shaking them out is also fun, and you can sort them by color for a different skill-building exercise.

Another great thing you can do with toothpicks is a pseudo-pushpin work.  My son did pushpinning quite a bit at the Montessori school he used to attend.  They had a giant-sized pushpin and a soft board.  They would take a picture of something, lay it on the board, and pushpin all around the edges until the picture came out – almost like they cut it with scissors.  My son always loved doing that work.  He brought home little ragged-edge animals and continents almost every school day!

Well, if you don’t have those Montessori items (which I don’t), you can lay a piece of paper with a picture on it down on the carpet, and have your little one push through, all around the edges, with a toothpick.  Works the same way, and kids think it’s really fun!

Inserting toothpicks

Shaking them out

Big brother wants to try it, too


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