A New Perspective

16 Sep

“Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to shift us out of the bad habits that keep us from being our best selves.”

I read that quote over the weekend, and it really got my attention.

Do you remember the movie “Dead Poets Society” with Robin Williams?  There was a scene in which he asked his students to stand up on top of a desk, for the sole purpose of looking at their surroundings from a different angle.  Like the quote, it was about getting a new perspective.  Well, I definitely feel like I’m standing on top of the desk in my own life right now.

As you may have read in my blog last week, my husband just had hip surgery, and he’s basically bedridden for a while.  I’ve been both mom and dad for several days now, and though I’m exhausted, I’ve had moments of real clarity about my life and my abilities.

Being on the clock constantly, basically 24 hours a day, is not much of a change.  But adding to that all of the child-raising duties, plus taking care of someone who can’t do much for themselves, is a huge challenge.  So physically and mentally, I’m really drained.  But I’ve also experienced some real closeness to my family during this time.  I’m not mentally checking out at the time my husband usually comes home from work, which was definitely a bad habit.  I’m also working extra hard to keep my kids active so they won’t miss playing with dad, and having lots of fun with them in the process.  It’s been tough work (I’m not the greatest baseball pitcher!), but it’s been a real joy, too.

This temporary situation has caused me to make some changes I’ve wanted to implement for a while.  I’ve de-cluttered my life a bit, taken out some of the junk that I feel is holding me back from accomplishing all the things I want to do.  Mostly, I’ve eliminated (or tried to eliminate) wasting time on my computer.  I’m amazed at how much I’ve been able to get done during the last few days, even though I feel like I’m maxed out as far as what one person can handle.  But cutting down on some of those time-wasters has let me use what time I have more efficiently and effectively.  It feels pretty great.

And having my husband out of commission has also given me an appreciation for how important our health is.  What if this was our life permanently, if I had a husband that was physically unable to do anything with us?  That thought certainly makes me even more appreciative of him, and all that he will be able to do once he recovers.  I’m also learning (the hard way) about the importance of taking care of myself too, so that I can handle everything on my plate.

And on top of all that, I’m really trying to do everything as cheerfully as possible (don’t laugh, honey!).  I don’t want anyone to think they’re a burden on me.  This is my family, my life, my responsibility.  I’m learning that things can always – always – be worse.  And that makes me appreciate my life just the way it is.

So – bad habits, gone – new perspective, check!  Now it’s time to mow the lawn.  That’s the one thing that might make me hide under the desk, instead of standing on top of it.  Tomorrow’s post might be, “Forget everything I said yesterday!”

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