Kick the Can

15 Sep

Every time I think of my childhood, I smile!  I was raised in a suburb of Houston, and in those days, times were different.  I hung out with a gaggle of kids who were all about the same ages as my siblings and I.  In those days, we didn’t worry about being kidnapped, robbed, or beat up.  We were completely carefree.  In fact, we literally played outside during the summers from about 10am until dark.  Long before the days of  “helicopter” parenting, our own mom and dad let us run wild throughout our neighborhood.  In fact, we even rode our bikes up to convenience stores to purchase candy and ice cream!  Can you even imagine letting your grade schooler do that now?

In those days, the outdoors was our environment; it was our habitat!  We were forever swimming, biking, exploring, dancing, and playing games outdoors.  I hope to instill that same love for games and the outdoors in my own children.

This past weekend, I taught the kids to play Kick the Can!  It’s SO fun and anyone old enough to play Hide n Seek can play!  You create a large square or rectangular boundary (we used the natural square of the concrete driveway panel) for the “it” person to stand.  Someone kicks over an aluminum can and everyone runs and hides.  Again, the need to create a boundary is imperative.  The “it” person has to run, get the can, set it upright in the square, close their eyes and then count (we kept it simple to 10).  While the “it” person is counting, everyone else hides.  The “it” person, then has to look around the area, and if one of the players is spotted, they must come into the square.  Now, persons in the square may do whatever they need to (short of hurting the “it” person, or getting physical) to distract the “it” person.  If the “it” person is distracted, another player can run or sneak into the square and kick the can.  Once the can has been kicked, everyone inside the square is released, and is allowed to find another hiding spot.  A player wins when they have spotted every other player, and there is no one left to try and kick the can.

I’d love to hear from you!  What are some outdoor games you remember from childhood that you want to pass along to your own children?  Let’s maintain a love for nature, the outdoors, and get those bodies moving!  Don’t be afraid to play with your children.  Those are the times they will remember forever!

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