My Husband

9 Sep

I’m sitting here, right now as I type this, getting a pedicure at a fancy spa.  Someone brought me a drink and is scrubbing my scaly heels while I type on my coveted iPad.  There are no kids calling my name, no arguments to settle, no one asking me for ANYTHING.  Even the nail tech has gotten the picture that I just want to be left alone. Charmed life, huh?

And like so many other things in my life, this hour of luxury is courtesy of my wonderful husband.

No, I’m not bragging – just ask any of my friends.  They’ll eagerly tell you how wonderful he is!  Every time we get together for a girl’s night out, the subject of my husband inevitably comes up.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they’d side with him if he and I got in a fight.  He’s that awesome.

And to be honest, he deserves the praise.  He got me this spa gift certificate I’m using, he made the appointment for me, and he’s watching the kids while I’m here.  Heck, he even bought me this iPad!  He’s a really selfless person who’s always looking out for his family.  He works hard so I can stay at home with our kids.

And though he’s an incredible husband, he’s an even better father.  He can’t get enough of our kids; in fact, he rarely takes advantage of any time for himself on the weekends because he doesn’t want to miss out on time with them.  The second he gets home from work, he’s with them – playing, bathing, brushing teeth, reading books, putting to bed, you name it.  There’s nothing he doesn’t do for our kids.

AND he even cooks and cleans.  I’m serious.

I could save this glowing entry for an important day – Father’s Day, or maybe his birthday.  But why wait to tell someone that you think they’re wonderful?

My husband is having surgery today – not the most life-threatening kind, but it’s still surgery and it will take him weeks to fully recover.  So I’m about to find out exactly how much he does around here, because I’ll be doing my job AND his for a while.  It’s time to break into full super-mom mode.

When it’s over, I will definitely need another spa day.

Love you, honey.

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