Dried Beans

24 Aug

My 4-year-old son was working on some math problems today, and I was really trying to let him figure them out by himself as much as possible.  So as a visual aid, I got out a bag of dried pinto beans and gave him a cupful to use for adding and subtracting.  That soon led to my 2-year-old daughter wanting her own cup full of beans, which then led to bowls, scoops, paper towel tubes, and of course, a gigantic mess!

Some ideas:

Pour the beans from one container to another (try it from up high!)

Count them

Make slides for them from toilet paper rolls

Put them in a line

Grab them with small tongs and move them around

I have a house full of so many toys I can hardly stand it, yet this is the longest both of my kids have stayed occupied on one task!


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