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Finding Balance

31 Aug

Yoga is one of a handful of hobbies I have.  I’ve been practicing yoga now for several years.  Before I started practicing it, I had a preconceived notion that it was for the lazy, not a “real” workout, and was, for lack of a better word: lame.  The first time I went to an actual class, I was moved; and my life changed.

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National Yoga Month

30 Aug

September is National Yoga Month!  Whether you have been practicing yoga for years or you’ve never even heard of “downward dog,” this month is the perfect time to get on your mat and give it your all.  Many studios around the metroplex are offering FREE yoga classes on Monday, September 6.  Contact a studio near you!

Morgan’s Wonderland

26 Aug

The Boatrights of Plano have a new favorite destination, one that rivals Disneyworld in terms of all-around fun for their family. Morgan’s Wonderland, the world’s first theme park for special-needs kids and adults, opened earlier this month in San Antonio. Carole and Clay Boatright previewed the park with their twin 10-year-old daughters who have autism. Their favorite attraction in the 25-acre venue?

The seesaw.

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Dried Beans

24 Aug

My 4-year-old son was working on some math problems today, and I was really trying to let him figure them out by himself as much as possible.  So as a visual aid, I got out a bag of dried pinto beans and gave him a cupful to use for adding and subtracting.  That soon led to my 2-year-old daughter wanting her own cup full of beans, which then led to bowls, scoops, paper towel tubes, and of course, a gigantic mess!

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20 Aug

So there I am, in the produce section, and I start sweating.  On one hand, I’ve got beautiful, perfectly decent produce at reasonable prices.  On the other, I have organic foods that call to me with the promise of better health, but they’re so expensive!  What do I do?  Of course I care about my family’s health, but let’s face it, we’re a one-income household that eats and eats…and eats.  Adding to that confusion are articles I’ve read suggesting that some fruits and vegetables are OK to buy conventionally grown – meaning, with the use of pesticides.

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